4 Tips to Bring Out Car Keys Locked Inside the Car

Have you ever thought about what to do if your car gets locked with keys? The possibility is you haven’t ever considered getting into this condition. If you haven’t, then you are not alone. No one actually likes encountering such conditions. But unfortunately, your likes and dislikes don’t matter; when something has to happen, it happens. So, there might come a day when your mind is wandering somewhere else, and you forget the keys in the cup holder (meh!). What will you do then when you are all alone?

You might call a 911 locksmith, roadside help, or police. These options are the best ways to seek help. But what if your pet or baby is also inside? They might not wait for too long. That’s where it’s better to learn a few tricks yourself to open the car door without keys.

Here are a few ways that work to open the car’s door without a key:

4 Tips to Bring Out Car Keys Locked Inside the Car

Use the Car Key App

As car manufacturers are focusing on making car ownership smooth and safe, it is no wonder that many car manufacturers, including Hyundai, Chevrolet, etc., are offering free Android and iOS apps that control car keys for locking, unlocking, and starting the car. However, it is only possible to use this app if you have already paired your keys with the app. If you haven’t, try the second trick (and download this app right now and pair it with the key!).

Take Help from a Shoelace

Hopefully, you have seen an old movie where a character used a bob pin to open a lock. But do you know shoelaces can also come in handy in this situation if your car has manual locks and your feet shoes with shoelaces? The trick is simple: tie a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace to create a loop and two dangling ends. Then your next task is to push the loop inside the car until it reaches the car’s lock. This process will need patience, but the idea of saving money would boost your morale, so keep on trying.

Once the loop gets around the lock, tighten the loop and gently pull up. If you have done everything perfectly, then opening the car door through this method is possible, for sure.

A Wedge Can Also Help

Let’s assume instead of wearing sneakers; you stepped out with loafers. So, you don’t have shoelaces. Don’t worry; there are some other options in our tips box. The third solution comes up with a wedge. *Warning: After using this solution, you might have to spend some money to realign the bent door frame and scratches on the car that mostly appears even by pros as well.

Despite this warning, if you still want to try the wedge trick, here you go. Use a pry tool to pull out the door frame’s top and use the wedge to keep the frame out. Next, use a rod to push the door lock button up. Simple!

A Tennis Ball Works

Okay, now you might find this method the most absurd option to try, but apparently, it works. You just need a tennis ball, make a hole in the tennis ball and put it on the keyhole, and push with force. The ball will generate air force that will unlock the door. Hope this trick works for you!


Now you have a few options to keep your sanity and bank balance intact if your keys get locked inside the car. But prevention is better than cure. So, besides learning to act smart after the incident, why not be smart before the mishap?

Make a duplicate car key and put it safely somewhere outside the car or in your wallet, download the key control app, and have the number of a locksmith who can be available anytime. Having a car is important but always be attentive inside and while getting outside the car so that you don’t get involved in any such conditions that make you worried or feel like a fool.


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