5 English Terms About Cars You Must Know


The importance of learning English is not only limited to traveling to a foreign country or studying abroad. English is now considered a vital skill for drivers. Learning the language can help drivers feel more comfortable in their vehicles and improve their overall driving skills. For example, understanding car vocabulary is crucial for drivers’ safety since it reduces your risk of an accident. So, one of the first things you should do when studying to drive is learn them.

In this post, we are sharing five basic English terms about cars. Do you want to learn more vocabulary like these? You should join a language learning platform to find native English Tutors. Besides, you can also contact Spanish Tutors as it is another widely spoken language. 

English Terms About Cars


Here is the list of 5 important English terms for cars

Automatic vs. manual cars

A few key dissimilarities between automatic and manual cars can make a big difference in your driving experience. For example, when you use the pedals to control your car manually, you have more command over the speed and direction of your vehicle. Manual cars are easier to brake and accelerate. On the other hand, when an automatic car is in control of everything, you may not have as much control over how your car performs. Driving an automatic car can be dangerous for inexperienced drivers. The situation can be worse if you don’t know where the accelerator pedal is.

Hood vs. bonnet

The hood and bonnet of a car are the same things except for their names. The metal cover over the engine of a front-engine vehicle is called the bonnet in British English. In contrast, American people call it a hood. Using a car hood or bonnet is an essential part of the process when it comes to engine repairs and maintenance. A hood or bonnet provides access to all of the important parts of the engine, including the air intake and air mixture drives. Moreover, a hood can help protect against debris from getting into critical engine components, which can result in damage or even failure.

Boot vs. trunk

Similar to the previous names, the boot and trunk of a car are the same things. The storage area of a car is called a boot in British English. But, the same thing is named trunk in American English.

A trunk or boot is an important part of a car to save your time and money on the road. When you are going for a long trip, you can carry all essential things with you in a trunk, such as clothes, luggage, books, spare tire, and other items.

Indicators vs. turn signals

Car indicators and turn signals may seem similar at first. But, there are some key differences between the two that many people don’t know. For instance, car indicators are used to signal a change in direction. On the other hand, turn signals are usually used to indicate that a vehicle is about to turn. The formal name of turn signals is a blinker.

Car indicators have a distinct flickering or flashing pattern. In contrast, turn signals generally have a steady light. When overtaking another vehicle, drivers should always use indicator signals. On the other hand, when changing lanes in a traffic jam, use turn signals to let the drivers know that you are about to make a move. 

Buckle up

The simple definition of Buckle up is to fasten one’s seat belt in a vehicle or aircraft. It is one of the most common and important car safety measures that can save your life in case of an unfortunate car crash. Buckle-up is a mandatory safety measure in most cars. Car collisions have been very common incidents in recent years. When someone is not properly buckling up, they are more likely to become trapped in their car or completely ejected from the vehicle after an accident. It is a fatal case that can cause serious injury or even death. Since car accidents are on the rise, everyone should know how to buckle up properly to avoid severe injuries. 


There are dozens of English terms for cars, along with these. Learning car vocabulary is a key step if you are cautious about driving safety or looking to drive your car safely. When you are familiar with terminology relevant to cars and driving, you will less like fall in trouble on the road. 

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