5 Problems a Failing Muffler Can Cause

If your muffler rusts, breaks or comes off, you may wonder if it’s critical to replace it immediately. After all, maybe it’s irritating, but does it cause any real problems? Yes, it can. A damaged or missing muffler can generate several instantaneous and long-term issues. Avoiding repairing or replacing it immediately could potentially lead to much more damage and a bigger hit to your wallet than the original problem itself. You can prevent these problems by checking out the Buying Guide – Flowmaster Muffler. This is the first step to returning your car to a roadworthy state as soon as possible.

Poor Acceleration

A muffler that isn’t working correctly can cause poor engine performance, including poor acceleration. When you encounter a vehicle with minimal “get up and go,” it is often due to an exhaust leak resulting from damaged or corroded pipes. 

5 Problems a Failing Muffler Can Cause

Low Fuel Economy

Your muffler is essential in running an effective and efficient exhaust system. Therefore, it will negatively affect fuel economy when it’s not doing its job adequately (i.e., ridding your engine of harmful exhaust fumes). It will also cause additional damage to the car. What originally was merely a muffler problem can soon turn into an exhaust and engine problem. 

Dangerous Exhaust Fumes

The biggest reason to have your broken muffler repaired or replaced is that it could put yourself and your passengers in danger. Toxic exhaust fumes can leak into your vehicle’s ventilation system. Your muffler also typically pushes carbon monoxide away from your car. This can be extremely dangerous (potentially fatal) if this occurs on the road. Also, a faulty muffler can allow the CO to waft into your vehicle without you even realizing it. Exposure to carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous. Therefore, you and your passengers will likely, at minimum, incur adverse health effects (e.g., nausea, headache and dizziness). In higher concentrations, you can even lose consciousness. A Buying Guide – Dodge Charger Upgrades can help you think of fresh ideas for enhancing your truck with parts like a new muffler and fun add-ons. 

Noxious Smell

The toxins emitted from the exhaust system can be very hazardous for different reasons. The fumes can be highly distracting due to their terrible smell, reducing your attention while on the road. Breathing in these fumes is also dangerous to your health.

Loud Noise

One of the jobs of a muffler is to reduce engine noise. This can not only be a nuisance for you and others but potentially even cause hearing problems. Some municipalities will also issue tickets for broken or missing mufflers due to noise pollution and safety issues. 

If you know or suspect you’re having muffler problems, today is the day to begin researching the most appropriate solutions for repairing or replacing this vital component. You can also check a Buying Guide – Suspension Brands to keep your vehicle operating at full operability. By regularly maintaining the health of your car or truck, you can avoid additional problems from developing. This service can also be less expensive on your wallet in the long run. 

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