5 Reasons Why Electric Bikes Are The Future of Transportation

Despite the availability of more convenient options like cars, traditional bikes continue to be prevalent across the globe. You might own one yourself or, at the very least, know someone that does. Recent statistics estimate that in comparison to 1.5 billion cars in the world, there also exist around a billion bikes worldwide. In the US, the amount of money spent on bikes increased by 35% from 2020 to 2021. 

Sure, traditional bikes are great when it comes to environmentally friendly modes of transportation, but electric bikes build upon this original idea to create greater functionality and benefits. With growing environmental consciousness, electric bikes are gaining popularity among the general public. Several governments are promoting their use through policies and incentives to improve the cycling infrastructure in cities, further facilitating the adoption of bikes as a regular way of traveling.

With that in mind, let’s look at some reasons why electric bikes are likely to be the future of transportation.



Useful in cities where cycling is not possible

If you’ve ever tried roaming around the city on your traditional bike, you must have experienced feeling helpless in crowds of people and vehicles. No one seems willing to notice or make way for you. With an electric commuter bike, however, you’ll enjoy a pleasant experience wherever you go. Busy roads, crowds of people on bicycle lanes, and lack of space to navigate your bike will no longer be your problems. You can join the other large commuting vehicles and make your travels shorter with the fast speed of an electric bike. Moreover, the special pedaling system and electrical batteries make these electric bikes much more convenient to ride than your traditional bike. 

Make pedaling easier

Although some people ride traditional bikes to burn some calories through the effort of pedaling, you don’t have to burden your joints and muscles so hard every time you go outside. It can be quite frustrating to pedal so hard on a hot day just to get some groceries or run some other errand.

Electric bikes offer ways to reduce that frustration and burden. If you want a convenient ride without having to peddle too much, you can choose a throttle-only e-bike bike. But if you want to have an active journey with little assistance on tough terrains, you can go for pedal assist. With either option, you can rest assured that your knees and joints will be spared unwanted labor.

Make traveling more accessible

Traditional bikes have their limits. You can’t just go anywhere on a commute that demands surplus labor from your legs, like steep or rough terrain. But electric bikes can work just fine on a variety of surfaces. You can even plan a hiking trip to the mountains without needing a car or truck for the long journey. In addition, a one-time full charge over 3-4 hours is enough to help you cover 30-70 miles. So you can reach your destination, and the tank will still have enough to help you scale mountains. No wonder electric bikes are becoming popular amongst tourists.

More savings compared to other larger vehicles

The use of electricity to charge the bike makes it a more cost-effective option compared to other larger vehicles. You only need an additional dollar to spare for your electricity bill in order to travel 300-400 miles on this bike. In addition to saving dollars that are otherwise spent on fuel, an electric bike is also quite affordable. Although you’ll have to budget for spare chargers in case of emergency, a bike rack for safely storing your e-bike, and protective gear like elbow pads and helmets, these are one-time investments. Even then, these expenses won’t even come close to the money you’d be spending on fuel for a traditional gas-powered vehicle. 

Improved public health

One of the biggest perks of switching to electric bikes is their reduced environmental impact. Fewer emissions and less dependence on fossil fuels automatically create a healthy atmosphere to breathe in. Consequently, a significant decrease in the level of air pollution can reduce the prevalence of many respiratory illnesses. In 

Ditching your car and taking an electric bike to work instead also counts as good cardio, ensuring a more active, healthy morning for you. Moderate morning exercise is likely to reduce your chances of developing heart disease and suffering a stroke.

Riding an electric bike may be less physically demanding than a traditional bike, but recent research concluded that it’s still beneficial exercise for many. Though the health benefits of riding electric bikes can vary from person to person, there is significant evidence to prove their usefulness for physiological health. 

The Takeaway

Electric bikes are a good substitute for personal cars because of their numerous benefits in terms of environmental conservation, cost reduction, and a healthier lifestyle. With fewer emissions and less reliance on fossil fuels, electric bikes can contribute a good deal to curb the challenges of air pollution and climate change. 

Although the regular use of electric bikes may not be widespread yet, their myriad benefits have attracted the attention of many governments around the world. Combined with that, the public’s rising interest in environmentally friendly trends makes the future of the electric bike industry seem brighter than ever. 


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