5 Small Improvements That Will Make a Big Difference to Your Car

A car is a considerable investment, so, understandably,  you want to get the most out of it in terms of comfort, convenience, and performance. However, you might assume that only the most expensive upgrades will make noticeable improvements—which is not true!

In reality, you can make  plenty of small changes that will have an overall big impact on your car. Here are just a few examples:

New Control Arms

One of the best investments you can make when  it comes to smooth, easy handling of your vehicle, is getting  new control arms. These components are part of the front suspension system, connecting the front wheel assembly to the framework of your car.

Big Difference to Your Car

The main purpose of control arms is to stabilise your vehicle by ensuring that the wheels and chassis move as one while you’re driving. With low-quality or damaged control arms, your vehicle might feelclunky or wobbly to manoeuvre. The tyres will also wear down unevenly and much faster, contributing to the poor handling experience.

You can purchase control arms from a reliable auto parts supplier in Christchurch. When it comes to installation, however, it’s best to bring your car to the garage and have a professional mechanic handle it for you.

Premium Motor Oil

A great way to improve a vehicle’s performance, especially if it’s old and/or has high mileage, is to get premium, fully synthetic motor oil. Fully synthetic motor oil contains additives that make it lighter and smoother, which help better lubricate the engine and prevent sludge buildup. Ultimately, the result is a healthier engine.

Another benefit of synthetic motor oil is getting t more kilometres out of every litre of fuel. Thus, considering that you only change your motor oil every 3 to 6 months, you’ll save more money in the long run, even if premium motor oil is more expensive.

Longer-Lasting Bushings

Your car has a lot of metal parts. To provide cushion, minimise friction between these parts, and absorb vibrations, the manufacturer adds bushings in the suspension. The problem is that stock bushings are usually made from rubber, which wears out quickly when exposed to oil or extreme temperatures.

For better performance and ride quality, you should switch out old rubber bushings to polyurethane ones. These last  much longer and are also more resistant to chemicals, water, snow, and other similar hazards.

You can DIY the installation of new bushings but, like control arms, you’ll get better results if you have professionals install them. This is particularly true if you don’t have the equipment to remove the old rubber bushings properly.

Better Spark Plugs

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to replace spark plugs as often as before. In fact, if you take good care of your vehicle, your car’s spark plugs may last up to 160,000 kilometres. That said, once they’ve reached the end of their lifespan, or if they get damaged, you have to replace your car’s spark plugs ASAP.

Ideally, it would be best if you  changed all the spark plugs at the same time to ensure the best possible performance. It’s also best to get high-quality spark plugs; if you can afford them, get iridium ones. They’re more expensive but last much longer and provide more concentrated sparks. If you don’t have a big budget, go for platinum spark plugs.

With quality spark plugs starting  your car, you’ll get more power and better fuel mileage. You’ll also experience fewer misfires and lessen your carbon emissions.

Better Tyres

ew tyres aren’t really “small” improvements when you consider their cost; really good ones can cost almost $300 per piece. That said, there’s so much that depends on your vehicle’s tyres, safety and driving comfort among them. Thus, it makes absolute sense to invest in quality products. In addition, quality tyres last longer and offer more benefits, so every dollar you spend on them is definitely worth it.

Depending on where and how often you drive, you will  need a specific type of tyre. Overall, you’ll get good performance out of all-terrain andall-season ones, sometimes called touring tyres. ou’ll always get the most out of performance tyres for sports cars.


If you already have these upgrades in your car, consider these other options:

  • new air filters
  • a cold air intake
  • a muffler
  • new lights 
  • a TPMS (for older cars)
  • a backup camera
  • a dash cam system

Another simple thing you can do to increase your car’s comfort and performance is to  get rid of the clutter! All that extra weight and junk can make your car slower and certainly less pleasant to be in.

Ultimately, though, the definition of “small improvement” will depend on the car owner and their driving habits. That said, every car owner will definitely benefit from the improvements mentioned above . Try them out for yourself and see how much better your driving experience will be! 


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