5 Ways To Pay Less For Car Insurance

Being a responsible adult comes with a lot of ups and downs, one of the commonly perceived downs is car insurance. The good news is that, if done correctly, car insurance doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

If you’re smart about it, you can make sure that you’re getting one of the best deals out there for your car. That will help take care of you, your car, and your bank account if anything bad ever happens.

Car insurance isn’t free, but if you follow these five easy steps below, it doesn’t have to be massively expensive either.

  1. Use Public Transport

Your monthly insurance premium is based on many variables, which is why it isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of deal. The age, make, and model of your car are factors, as well as where you park at night, what area you live in and even how much you use your vehicle.

If you use your car to drive to work and back, there is every chance that you will pay more for your auto insurance than someone else who doesn’t. Your premium is partly based on usage, which means that if you live far from work then it might work out cheaper for you to take the bus.

5 Ways To Pay Less For Car Insurance

  1. Be Savvy

When driving, don’t race from traffic light to traffic light. Not only does that wreak havoc on your fuel consumption, but it also makes you a riskier driver – and risky drivers pay more. Being a safer driver is better for you and cheaper for your pocket.

By driving safer and letting your insurance company track your driving, you can help save on your monthly premium. The insurance company will track things like how far you drive, what speed you do, and how frequently you slam on the brakes.

That data gets translated into a driving score of sorts, and you will get rewarded if you are a better driver and aren’t likely cause car accidents.

  1. Shop Around

Most insurance companies know that their customer base is only as loyal as long as their deals are good. Don’t feel you have to stick with one company simply because you currently have a policy with them.

Shop around and find the best deal for your car and your pocket. Digital technology makes it easier for consumers to research and sign up with their chosen insurer than it has ever been before.

Do more research on Progressive insurance costs, especially if you have multiple vehicles, and get the best deals for your wheels.

  1. Choose The Right Vehicle

Your insurance premium gets based on several factors such as the make, type, and model of vehicle you drive. So, take that into account when selecting your next vehicle. Instead of choosing something big and flashy, consider scaling down and buying a smaller car that is cheaper to repair.

If you like, you can always have a flashier car to drive around on the weekends. Your daily runner needs to be cheap to buy, cheap to fix, and cheapest to insure.

  1. Boost Your Credit

Most states let insurers have access to credit-based insurance scores to help determine what your car insurance rate will be. That score predicts the likelihood of you submitting a claim, which means that the higher your credit score is, the less you’ll be charged for auto insurance – a win-win for everyone!

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