Advantages of Ceramic Pro Coating in Newcastle, Australia 

According to statistical data, 36.6% of homes own at least one car in Newcastle. Car enthusiasts in the region are becoming increasingly interested in ceramic coatings. Why? Because the ceramic coatings keep your car looking new for a long time and act as a shield against various environmental factors and human activities.


People usually opt for Ceramic Pro Newcastle because of its additional features compared to ordinary ceramic coating.

Ceramic Pro Coating


What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro is a liquid, transparent, nanoceramic coating that bonds chemically with any surface to form a rigid, nano-glass structure to protect the surface. The shielding is permanent and can withstand UV rays, fire, and corrosion due to solvents, acids, and alkalis. The advanced Ceramic Pro coating is ideal for cars with factory paint or personalized paint jobs.

Benefits of Ceramic Pro coating

  • Acts as an additional layer of protection

Each Ceramic Pro formula is explicitly created for a specific substrate, so the coatings offer the best protection against the elements. Upon curing and hardening, the coating forms a permanent layer of protection that protects against the following factors:

  1. Water Damage- A life-giver, but a shine killer at the same time. Exposure of your car’s exterior to water is inevitable. In fact, Newcastle receives a lot of rain, even in the driest months, so protecting your vehicle from water is almost impossible in the city. Water degrades waxes or other less-durable products applied over the car’s surface and dulls its finish. Ceramic Pro in Newcastle is designed to provide long-lasting corrosion protection, stopping water penetration to bare surfaces, preserving your car’s original shine forever.
  2. Marring Resistance- An unprotected vehicle surface is prone to scratching or marring. Your car’s factory finish will look brand new if a professional auto salon applies your Ceramic Pro coating.
  3. No Corrosion or Oxidation- Corrosion leads to the formation of rust. A scratch or a faded clear coat makes the base surface of your car more likely to rust. Ceramic Pro coating prevents rust from developing on the base materials of your car.
  4. UV Protection- Constant exposure to UV radiation from the sun is another major cause of paint damage, especially to the clear coat. The Ceramic Pro coating prevents these damaging UV rays from penetrating protected items. Therefore, it’s essential to apply this coating on your plastics, chrome, or other plated materials, along with your headlights, brake light covers, and other materials.
  • Cost-effective Solution

This new technology protects your vehicle from harmful environmental elements and lasts for many years. Therefore, the Ceramic Pro coating is a worthwhile investment that will keep your car looking new for an extended period of time.

  • Increases Market Value

With an added layer of Ceramic Pro, you can also increase your vehicle’s resale value. It preserves the vehicle paint’s shine for a long time, thus ensuring maximum returns.

  • Effortless Cleaning

This coating creates a smooth finish on all coated surfaces to prevent dirt from collecting on the car’s paint, wheels, and windows. Its strong chemical nature allows contaminants to be removed easily and does not require frequent cleaning of your vehicle.


Due to the incredible advantages of this coating, the majority of people are opting for Ceramic Pro in Newcastle. You can protect nearly all exterior and interior parts of your vehicle with Ceramic Pro. Considering your car’s paint from harmful UV rays or coating your windshield, vinyl, or PPF, or your seats and other interior surfaces, Ceramic Pro provides ultimate protection against daily contamination and damaging substances. If you are looking to give your car an extra layer of protection, you can consider taking it to a certified coating and paint specialist near you. Putting money in quality car coating would undoubtedly be your best investment ever.  


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