APRILIA RS 660 Specs, Images, Price, Engine & Top Speed 2022



The Aprilia RS 660 is a race-inspired sportbike that is very agile with its lightweight, low center of gravity, and balanced handling. This motorcycle is very popular among riders due to its reliability and ease of use with which it can be ridden. This bike also has a 637cc engine that produces an excellent power-to-weight ratio at 121 HP per liter. The Aprilia RS 660 will surely be a thrill for any rider looking to experience the joys of racing on two wheels.

In recent years, motorcycle manufacturers have been moving from smaller displacement bikes to larger ones. This has been due to a couple of factors, the first being the need for more power. The other is the popularity of large displacement bikes in emerging markets such as China and India. In response, Aprilia has released the RS 660 which they claim is one of the most powerful production motorcycles on the market. It weighs about 357 pounds and its 659cc engine produces about 97 horsepower.

The Aprilia RS 660 is a new Italian superbike that has been recently released for sale. The bike was unveiled to the public at the Milan Motorcycle Show in February of 2010. It is the first Italian motorcycle with four valves per cylinder designed in 14 years and is powered by a 659cc, air/oil-cooled V-twin engine.


Aprilia RS 660 Specifications

The new Aprilia rs 660 is a smooth, light, and agile machine that aims to break the boundaries of the sportbike category. The 660cc four-stroke engine features an injection system with 45mm throttle bodies. With 125 horsepower at 10,250rpm and 68 ft/lbs of torque at 9,250 rpm, this bike has the power to tackle the racetrack yet still meets Euro 4 emission standards. The RS 660 is a midsize sportbike that has undergone a complete redesign for the 2018 model year. This sleek and aerodynamic package is powered by a 678cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine and rides on 17-inch wheels.

The redesigned frame, swingarm, and front axle provide improved stability at all speeds. The Aprilia RS 660 seat height is a bike that combines performance and style. It has a 659cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin motor with 78 hp. The fuel injection has an inbuilt airbox to improve performance. The RS 660 also comes with a slipper clutch, which saves the rider’s grip when downshifting to avoid over-revving or loss of power when braking, for increased safety.


Aprilia RS 660 engine

Aprilia RS 660 engine was designed for the new RS Veloce, which is a high-performance naked bike. A new high-tech fuel injection system combines with a 16 valve head to provide more power and greater efficiency. This engine features variable geometry on its 4 camshafts for unparalleled control of intake air velocity, optimizing the power curve at all rpm ranges. The result is impressive torque right from launch and an ample top-end rush. The new Aprilia rs 660 engine is a new and improved design that offers an increase in power and torque. The bike is lighter, stronger, and more efficient to ride than its predecessors. With this innovative bike, Aprilia RS 660 Images has solved the problems its fans have voiced about the old models, making it very popular with riders.


Aprilia RS 660 top speed

The RS 660 is a new sports bike with a top speed of 165 mph and a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds. It has a 659 cc engine and 120 metric horsepower, making it the most powerful Aprilia ever. The RS 660 features perforated seats that provide maximum ventilation, an LCD instrument panel with a color TFT display, and traction control (TC). The bike attracts attention with its eye-catching style and high quality workmanship.

The new Aprilia RS 660 colors are the bike for riders who want to have a bike that can do it all. Aprilia RS 660 price USD bike has a 4-stroke 676 cc engine which will give you an excellent, smooth ride at high speeds or slow, bumpy terrain. The adjustable suspension will allow you to ride over rocky roads without feeling every bump in the road. The 6-speed transmission will get you up hills with ease, making this bike perfect for experienced riders who are always on the go.


Aprilia RS 660 for sale

The RS 660 is a sportbike that was designed to come standard with top-tier equipment like the braking system, suspension, and wheels. The bike can be used for either street or track racing. Aprilia RS 660 is the perfect bike for the rider who wants a super-fast, super-streetable superbike with a little bit of old-school styling. The Aprilia RS 660 is a beautiful bike with a lot of power and reliability. The bike, which has been around for a few years, has been going strong. It handles well and is very fun to ride. This bike is perfect for those who want something that is not too expensive but still delivers a lot of power.

Aprilia RS 660 weight

The Aprilia RS 660 is a superb motorcycle with high quality and finish. It’s got all the bells and whistles but it’s not easy on your wallet. The RS 660 has an aluminum trellis frame, advanced semi-active suspension. If you want to be part of the elite club that drives this bike then you will have to find some cash to do so because there are less than 450 in existence.

Motorcyclists are always looking for the next best motorcycle to take their riding skills to the next level. For those motorcyclists who appreciate a lighter bike, there is the new Aprilia rs 660 weight. The Aprilia RS 660 price in India offers a perfect balance between power and agility, all while being surprisingly light on its feet. Its bodyweight of 202 pounds offers riders an easy-to-handle motorcycle that can be picked up or carried by just one person with ease.


Aprilia RS 660 Release date

The new Aprilia rs 660 is set to release in September of 2019. It will be available in three different colors: red, silver, and black. The motorcycle is designed for an intermediate rider who wants more than just a 150 cc bike. With its upgrade of 190 ccs, the bike has plenty of power behind it to tackle the hilly terrain that an average rider might face throughout their day. The bike has a maximum torque of 10.

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