Are Folding Electric Bikes Really Worth It?

Electric bikes are taking the market by storm. People love the fact that they are easy to ride, greener than driving a car and are just so fun when you want to be outdoors. But, if you have been looking at electric bikes, you probably have discovered there are a lot of different designs. You are bound to have come across folding designs and wondering; is that really worth it?

Well, we are going to give you a short answer to this question. Yes, folding electric bikes are worth every penny. While electric bikes in general are great investments, there are some specific advantages you can look forward to with a folding design. So, let’s take a look at why they can be worth the money after all.

No Need for a Bike Rack

Not every apartment complex has bike facilities. If this is the case with where you live, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy having a bike. In fact, this is where a folding electric bike comes in. You are no longer going to need a bike rack since its folding design makes it easy to store. You can bring it into your apartment and fold it up into a cupboard. The bike becomes smaller and compact so that it can be stored anywhere.

Folding Electric Bikes

Bring on Holiday

Do you want to go camping trip but do not have the racks for your car? Sometimes, it is possible to rent bikes when you go on holiday. But, this is not possible everywhere you go and if you wish to go off grid. This is one of the reasons why folding electric bikes have become popular. They can bring them wherever you go. Their foldable frame means they reduce in size and are a lot easier to fit in the trunk of your car or the backseat. You do not have to fit outdoor racks to your vehicle and you can easily carry them on a trip. So, now you do not have to give up cycling when you have time off from work.

Takeon Public Transport

For some people, commuting to work can be a real hassle. For instance, if you have to catch a bus or a train, as well as walk to work, it can take you a long time to get to the office in the morning. But, something that can make your journey a lot easier is a folding electric bike. Simply, you can skip the walking part and cycle. The great thing about the folding design is that your bike becomes easy to bring on public transport. You can simply put your bike into the luggage or storage area. This is something that is not possible with an ordinary bike since they are large and hard to manoeuvre, as well as being heavier.

Reduce Theft

When you invest a lot of money into a bike, you are always afraid that it is going to be stolen. Indeed, this can happen if you leave your bike unattended outside shops, at work and even outside your home. Even if you use a lock, it is still possible for theft to occur. In particular, people are on the lookout for electric bikes and this can mean your new investment is more of a target.

However, it is possible to reduce the possibility of theft with a folding electric bike. The reason for this is, you are more likely to bring it indoors with you. Since you are able to fold and carry this bike easily, you can store it inside. This way, it is not out of your sight and you do not have to take any risks. You can enjoy peace of mind with your new mode of transport.

Charge Anywhere

When you have to leave your electric bike outside, you are less likely to be able to charge it. For instance, if you are at the office with an ordinary e-bike, you will have to wait until you get home to charge the battery. This might be a problem if you are running out of juice.

However, this is where the advantage of the folding e-bike comes in. Since it is compact and lightweight, you can bring it inside and charge it. The design makes it easy to handle and portable, which means you can charge it wherever you are. It is easy to do and convenient when you have a long journey back home.

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