Can Motorcycle Helmets be used for Auto Racing?

Whatever name you give it, a helmet, head shield, safety headgear, or head protection, it serves the same function. It is effective to shield the head from serious injury in the case of an accident or mishap. 

These best ventilated motorcycle helmets come in a variety of shapes, dimensions, and forms. But they are all supposed to fulfill the same protective function. If you are a new rider, you might ask can motorcycle helmets be used for auto racing or not.

Let’s discover the solution to this issue after intense discussions on the topic. Also, I’ll talk about the disadvantages of using the helmet for auto racing. 

Can Motorcycle Helmets be used for Auto Racing

Difference between Auto Racing and Motorcycle Helmets

At the first sight, both auto racing helmets and motorcycle helmets will look similar and you won’t be able to tell their difference. Both versions are available in open-face, full-face helmets with mixed setups. 

But when you look more carefully, you will see that there are a lot of variations in configuration, safety precautions, construction techniques, etc.

Let’s discuss it in detail;

Fire Rating 

You might be aware that motorcyclists commonly slip from their bikes. So, getting burned is a very particular chance. When you talk about helmets, most motorcycle helmets are not built to protect against burning risks.

On the other side, auto racing helmets can withstand fire issues for various reasons. 

Racing-related incidents could make the rider unconscious after a severe impact or stuck within a burning vehicle. Because of this, auto helmets are built to be fireproof and come with Nomex liners inside. 

It is made of a flame-resistant substance that shields the driver’s face from intense burns. So, in the case of a fire incident, you will be safe with auto-helmets.

Impact Protection 

Motorcycle helmets are not suitable for a variety of serious incidents, such as colliding, skidding, etc. As a result, before you use them on the roadway, they must pass the hardest hit trials.

The cyclist’s head can get several collisions. It can strike the roof rack, side window, gear lever, or rooftop if the vehicle flips during a car racing collision. In this way, there will be no chances of slipping or dropping if they pass a test.

Hans Device Protection 

Before they get to the user, car helmets must prove their ability to lower the danger of head and neck accidents. Because of this, it is a requirement that all SA helmets include unique slots for HANS. 

These additions secure the head and neck in case of accident or collisions by keeping the driver’s head in a more secure place.

Can you use Motorcycle Helmets for Auto Racing?

As the driver is already inside a closed area, car helmets don’t require elements for ventilation or noise reduction. Drivers can easily handle a limited visual system. It is because they don’t have to cope with whistles or turn over their shoulder to see. 

On the other hand, motorcycle helmets are made in such a way that keeps the rider warmer and more relaxed outdoors. So, motorcycle helmets have various configurations of top valves to allow more air to circulate. It will keep the cyclist’s head cool down effectively.

In other words, both are safe to use as they are made to secure your head from accidents. 


Now that you are aware, can motorcycle helmets be used for auto racing or not. In this blog post, I have analyzed whether wearing motorcycle helmets for car racing is so easy or difficult.

Additionally, motorcycle helmets have the potential to lessen road and other car disturbances. So, if you want to use the motorcycle helmet for car racing, you can effectively use them without any risk.

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  • Can you wear a motorcycle helmet in the car? 

A motorbike helmet will prevent not only bumps but also friction from slipping. In a car, the head can strike the roof rack, handlebars, side window, or roof. So, you can use it if you want.

  • What is the purpose of a motorcycle helmet? 

The helmet helps in crashes to prevent shocks or any form of collision. The driver can maintain stress-free driving on longer race tracks due to the compact helmet. The cushioning inside the helmet is thick and fluffy, like a cushion.

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