Escape the Repair Money Pit: Top 5 Signs It’s Time To Sell Your Junk RV

Your RV can be a refuge from the stressors of life. It represents freedom, adventure, and a means to spend some time relaxing in nature while still having some of the creature comforts of your bricks and sticks. Unfortunately, as time goes by and the miles on bumpy campground roads quietly inflict damage to your rig, they can tend to be hard on the wallet. 

Knowing when to part ways with your motorhome can be a difficult decision for some owners. While some may ignore the signs, others may be more aware of the subtle hints that their RV may be giving them. All RVs reach a point where it’s time to say goodbye and move on.

Top 5 Signs It’s Time To Sell Your Junk RV


What Exactly Is a Junk RV?

Not all junk RVs look like junk. Many of them look operational and functioning when they are, unfortunately, hiding some costly repairs. Some, however, are obvious and show the signs of hundreds of thousands of miles and decades of use.

Many RVers have difficulty accepting the fact that it may be time to throw in the towel and stop throwing good money after bad. Usually, that happens if you do not know that you can get cash and sell your junk RV in Texas to a specialized RV dealer who buys all kinds of rigs. Despite necessary repairs, you can still get good money for yours. But how do you know when it’s time to sell your RV?

It’s More Than 10 Years Old

Although there are plenty of beautiful and well-maintained RVs that are a decade or more old, the ten-year mark is when many of them fall into the category of junk. Even RVs that are shown lots of TLC, once they have over a decade of use, eventually show the signs of age and begin having mechanical issues.

A Costly But Necessary Repair

All it takes is one costly but necessary repair to have RV owners questioning if it’s time to sell. Depending on the rig, a lot can go wrong with them. From damaged slide-outs to suspension issues, if yours has a major repair that’ll cost half or more of the rig’s value, it doesn’t make financial sense to hold onto it.

Frequent Repairs

An RV doesn’t have to have one costly repair to convince its owners that it’s time to sell. If your rig is nickel and diming you with constant small repairs and fixes, you’re probably spending far too much on it over time. Those small but necessary repairs can add up fast, and as your RV ages, those small issues will continue to snowball.

Water Damage

When an RV’s paper-thin roof is exposed to the elements, cracks, and holes can seem to appear overnight. If you’re not up on your rig’s roof regularly, you’re almost asking for water to come inside. Water-damaged RVs can make them unhealthy to occupy. Mold and mildew can grow and quickly multiply in hard to hard-to-reach places, creating an unsafe interior. Water can rot away floors and wooden support beams, leading to structural issues.


Delamination occurs when an RV’s outer layer of fiberglass or gel begins to bubble and separate from the interior substrate. It usually occurs when water seeps into holes or cracks in the outer layer of your rig. The separation and bubbling process will advance if not caught and corrected immediately. If your rig has severe delamination, it can be an incredibly expensive repair. The longer it remains unfixed, the more it’ll spread.

Escape the RV Money Pit and Sell Yours to a Specialized Dealer

Maintaining an RV can be costly. Once they hit a decade old, necessary repairs will begin to mount. Whether it’s one major costly repair or a dozen little ones, sometimes it doesn’t make smart financial sense to dump money into something that could continue to drain your bank account.

Your best bet is to sell it to a specialized junk RV dealer who purchases all kinds of rigs regardless of age, excessive mileage, or required repairs. They’ll come to you, haul your money pit away, and leave you with more cash than a junkyard would offer. It’s the hassle-free way to sell a junk RV.

The Bottom Line

While it may be hard to let go of an RV that has been a part of many adventures, recognizing the signs that it’s time to sell can save you from the costly cycle of repairs. When facing expensive fixes, consistent maintenance issues, or significant wear like water damage or delamination, it’s practical to consider selling your RV. A specialized junk RV dealer can provide a viable solution, offering a straightforward and financially sensible way to part with your rig, freeing you from the burden of a repair money pit. This option not only gives your beloved RV a chance at a second life but also puts cash in your pocket, allowing you to move forward, perhaps toward your next adventure on the road.

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