GPS Trackers For Luxury Cars; a Case to Argue For

Luxury cars are a statement. We fancy a nice car every time over mediocrity. Based on the latest statistics, luxury cars are rising in the number of sales. Almost a million units were sold in 2020 alone and the numbers are keeping a steady uptrend in 2021 and 2022. Luxurious cars offer comfort and status while being superior in the performance and safety of passengers. It’s also a great way to pamper yourself with a comfy and sporty ride that catches attention wherever you go. 

However, owning a luxury car can also be a nightmare for the owners because of their safekeeping and upkeep. You have to make sure that they are not prone to burglaries and thefts. 

Of course, there are inbuilt measures to secure the vehicles, but that is not enough in today’s world. The threat to supercars is immense and criminals can easily escape in these vehicles despite the in-car security measures. Here, the criminals are very familiar with the vehicle’s safety precautions and might even go as far as a test drill before stealing it. That’s because the car’s structure and wiring diagrams are publicly available and anyone can decipher them to see and exploit the weak points.

In some supercars, the console is so complicated that configuring it is a hassle. You might not be able to activate anti-theft or there might be some loophole in the technology that intruders can hack into. This opens the door to thieves.

GPS Trackers for luxury cars

Reasons for poor/inadequate security in luxury cars


  • Less concern for safety and more concern for aesthetics, performance, and comfort
  • Complex console and dashboard configuration
  • The safety of the vehicle depends on the performance of the vehicle’s battery
  • Less space for security elements and performance issues
  • Vehicle structure and settings are available to everyone and cannot be personalized
  • Easily spotted and harder to store
  • Higher value and thus enticing for thieves

Luxury cars need a particularly high level of protection so that the owner can use them without so much of a concern. Otherwise, it can seriously dampen the fun and thrill of owning a supercar. 

The solution: GPS tracker for luxury cars

GPS trackers are small tracking devices that come with all the technology you need to keep your cars secure at all times. These devices use GPS signals and efficiently monitor the location of cars. However, GPS trackers are more than just a tracking device these days. They have features that are absolutely necessary in today’s world.

These would be for example:

  • Uninterrupted live tracking
  • Over speed alarm
  • Motion alert
  • Virtual fences or Geo Fences
  • Mobile and convenient to use
  • Travel history and route records
  • Accessible at all times

GPS tracker for more security

Installing a GPS tracker is very easy and the system can be up and running within minutes. The tracking devices are so handy that you don’t need to know anything about the structure of the car to install one of these products. So once you install a GPS tracker for your luxury car, it almost feels like you are interacting with your car even though you are not near the vehicle.

You get to access the location of the car all the time. However, since you have better things to do, the alerts and notifications will let you know when there is anything suspicious. For instance, setting up the Geo-Fencing will alert you when your vehicle moves out of a specific area, say your garage or parking lot. So if and when the car moves out, you instantly get an alert for the same and you can take immediate action to ensure your car is not being towed or stolen. 

GPS Trackers are also a great way to retrieve stolen vehicles quickly since the accurate location is in the palm of your hand. Faster recovery means a lesser chance of losing it forever. You can also notify the police or responsible authorities to have them track down the car and bring it back safely as soon as possible. It is also a sure way to submit evidence for the insurance claim

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