2025 Honda Grom Features and Top Speed


Honda Grom

2025 Honda Grom is a revolutionary mini-motor machine that epitomizes the size and power of most motorcycles of its time. It has won the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts with its sleek design and impressive performance Yes; this thing is small but it’s a big blast. The 2025 model takes it to the next level with restyled bodywork, updated features, and three exciting variants to choose from.

This mini motor machine offers three ways to increase the smile. It comes in three colors Candy Blue, Pearl White, and Cherry Red with a stunning front wheel anti-lock brake Groom S. P is a support bike designed with stand-off graphics and easy-to-change body panels.

Honda Grom



125cc FULE – Injected ENGINE
Honda Grom is the example with a powerful engine, its engine power is 125 cc, which is the most power known in the world.


Low seat height
With a height of only 30 inches, the bike offers a lot of comfort to the riders and riders can easily fit or cross it in parking lots or other places for more comfort and comfort for taller riders. The seat is also thick and spacious


The bike comes with single disc brakes measuring 220 mm at the front and 120 mm at the rear which gives it even more power and safety.

Five speed manual opportunities
The five-speed transmission enhances the bike’s handling and performance and increases speed on the highway or elsewhere, which the rider benefits from. Which makes the rider happy

Honda Grom 2025


Re-change bodywork
Honda Grom for sale unique look is a big part of the fun to own and ride, which makes it an interesting ride and a pleasure to drive. Anyone can customize it this is a great feature



The HONDE Grom ABC 2025 model takes safety to the next level with its unique advanced front wheel anti-lock braking system, when a rider presses the brakes, the ABC Control Anti-lock stops, providing intense traction control. This is one of its features This feature alone sets it apart from other motorcycles
12-inch large wheel
Hard and strong, these big and chunky tires are just what an urban rider needs as they are a unique symbol of the bike.


LED is a kind of pity light that looks good but also provides an excellent light without any harm because it does not harm the eyes but a smooth Provides light
You will forget about the bulky tail light when you see the Honda Grom top speed LED tail light is very clean and bright as it has a distinct look compared to other bikes.


Engine: 124cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke

Power: 9.7 horsepower @ 7,000 rpm

Torque: 10.4 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Brakes: Front: 220mm disc with ABS (Grom ABS), Rear: 190mm drum
Suspension: Front: 31mm inverted fork, Rear: Pro-Link single shock
Seat Height: 761mm
Wheelbase: 1,220mm
Curb Weight: 104 kg (Grom), 107 kg (Grom ABS)
Fuel Capacity: 6 liters

Honda Grom Price

Honda Grom (Base Model): around $3,199 – $3,499
Honda Grom ABS: around $3,499 – $3,699
Honda Grom SP: around $3,699 – $3,899

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