Honda TRX450R Specification, Weight, Review, And Price (2022)


Honda TRX450R

The Honda TRX450R is a four-stroke, dual-purpose motorcycle that was first introduced in 2005. It has a 449cc, liquid-cooled engine and can be used on either dirt or pavement. The TRX450R engine starts at the turn of a key and will idle for up to 10 minutes without any intervention from the rider. This is a great, fun motorcycle for the adventurer.

Honda TRX450R

Honda TRX450R Review

The Honda TRX450R top speed is one of the most popular off-road motorbikes. It has a four-stroke engine that displaces 449 ccs with an automatic transmission that is very easy for riders to use. A suspension system with 18 inches front and 14 inches rear allows the rider to feel like they are riding on a cloud when traversing through rough terrain. The off-road motorbikes also come with various other safety features such as ABS brakes, traction control, and a limited-slip differential. The Honda TRX450R for sale UK also comes with a number of accessories that make it easier to use. The best thing about the Honda TRX450R is that it is a very affordable off-road motorbike that is capable of traversing through all kinds of terrains. The Honda TRX450R also comes with a number of safety features that make it easier for riders to use. The Honda TRX450R is not just affordable but is also easy to maintain and clean.

Honda TRX450R

Honda TRX450R Specification

The Honda TRX450R specs engine is also capable of producing a strong power of 65 bhp. The Honda TRX450R also comes with a powerful transmission that enables the motorbike to be able to traverse all kinds of terrains. The Honda TRX450R offers a very comfortable ride and an experienced rider is able to easily and comfortably traverse through all kinds of terrains.

The Honda TRX450R comes with a comfortable and great riding position and it comes with a large seat. The seat is equipped with a high-pressure airbag and an easy-to-reach and pull handbrake. The Honda TRX450R Price seat is also covered with thick foam. The Honda TRX450R comes with easy-to-use hand controls that have a comfortable feel to them and they are very easy to operate. The Honda TRX450R comes with a large storage bag that can be used to keep the rider’s items while they are riding. The Honda TRX450R for sale near me comes with easy-to-use and comfortable foot controls.

The Honda TRX450R 2022 comes with adjustable footpegs that allow the rider to set the pegs how they want. The Honda TRX450R comes with a large side stand and it also comes with a very big and sturdy windshield that can be used for protection from the elements. The Honda TRX450R comes with a wide front tire that will allow the rider to go down the road with ease even if they are going on a very rough road. The Honda TRX450R comes with a very sturdy frame that the rider can trust and ride on. It also comes with a very strong engine that can go down the road even in the hardest of conditions. Overall the Honda TRX450R Weight is a very good and safe motorcycle to ride on.

Honda TRX450R

Honda TRX450R Design

The TRX450R is a motorcycle-type transmission that is located on the left side of the bike. This type of transmission is used on four-wheel-drive vehicles, therefore it is a great choice for all-terrain vehicles. Since it is a motorcycle-style transmission, it is easy to control and easier to use. The torque converter is what makes it so easy to use the transmission on a motorcycle. The clutch is located on the front of the bike and transfers all of the torque to the rear wheel. The clutch is what enables it to be a 4WD bike. A clutch plate helps to transfer all of the torque from the front disc brake to the rear wheel. The bike is ready to go when you engage the clutch and it will not stall out. All-wheel drive

The all-wheel drive is a great choice for a motorcycle. The reason why the all-wheel drive is better than the four-wheel-drive is that it can be used on any type of motorcycle. The all-wheel-drive can be used on any motorcycle. You can get a dual-clutch or a manual transmission with an all-wheel drive. There are several different companies that have different all-wheel-drive systems. The all-wheel drive is an easy upgrade to your motorcycle. You can get them for about $300.

What is the best all-wheel-drive system?

The all-wheel-drive with the most torque will be the best choice for you. It is the Honda Power System all-wheel drive.

Honda TRX450R Pros & Cons


  • Big and sturdy frame
  • Very strong engine
  • Very large and wide front tire
  • Very sturdy handlebars
  • Very sturdy suspension
  • Very large and safe side stand


  • The side stand is a bit small
  • The pegs are too wide
  • The fairing doesn’t really go down the road with the rider
  • The handlebars are a bit too small

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