How Can You Avoid Road Collisions?

Car accidents will be specifically devastating as only minor accidents can lead to serious danger to drivers, pedestrians, and passengers. Indeed, the rate of fatal crashes has recently become the highest.

However, we still can prevent car accidents by doing some simple precautions. This article will provide you with 5 safety tips to help you avoid road collisions. Additionally, you also have a chance to read through about common accidents happening regularly.


Some common accidents with cars on the road

1. Windshield damage

One of the most common accidents is the cracks and chips in the windshields. Many drivers do not realize this problem, so it might worsen the situation.

When you drive on the road, other vehicles may throw up the stones and rocks and damage your car’s windshield accidentally. Some large pieces might cause cracks and chips.

To reduce this risk, you should not drive behind the snowplows. Also, you should keep your distance from trucks and cars.

2. Rear-end collisions

It can be said that rear-end collision is a popular reason to claim auto insurance. The issue happens because your vehicle is hit by others, or you hit the car in front of yours. However, these accidents are usually avoidable.

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Firstly, you should have to drive strategically. Put it differently, you avoid some cases that may oblige you to apply the brakes suddenly. In case other drivers are following you closely, you are likely to be rear-ended.

Secondly, remember that you are not allowed to drive under the influence. When you feel impaired by alcohol, or just sleepy, you tend to make errors that cannot be fixed.

3. Backing collisions

Accidents might happen when you back out of the driveway or the parking spot. If you encounter this situation, you should avoid backing up in the first place. On the other hand, you can back into or pull through the parking spot.

If you still find it difficult, you can follow the following suggestions.

  • Using the brakes and mirrors to find out the spot totally and integrate into the traffic.
  • Looking around to check the traffic patterns and surroundings.
  • Backing out slowly and checking the traffic simultaneously.
  • Using the most direct and shortest route when backing out if it is possible.

4. Crashes at the intersections

As you may know, accidents happen frequently at intersections. Some drivers might be distracted and miss the signals that change from the green light to a red one. Sometimes, they do not even notice that others pausing cars before turning.

Crashes at the intersections

It is better to practice driving defensively to keep yourself from accidents. Otherwise, you should wait for a while after the green light turns to ensure that no car is coming. Also, you should be cautious when approaching the yellow light instead of taking chances.

5. Other accidents with the single vehicle

The collisions with single vehicles can result from animals, debris, or road barriers. If you drive off-road, there will be accidents and rollovers.

So, it will help if you can drive right for each weather condition. Besides, you should consider learning to avoid hydroplaning in the rainy season or how to drive under icy and snowy conditions.

Some general tips to avoid the road collisions

1. Do not exceed the limit

The speed limit is set for drivers to avoid accidents. It means that if you exceed the limit, the opportunity for accidents will be increased, and the lives of passengers and drivers will be put in danger. Besides, driving at a high speed also consumes more gas and lessens the reaction time.

2. Keep vigilant while driving

Keep vigilant while driving

Obviously, you have to stay focused on the roads when you drive. It means that you have to avoid anything distracting you. For instance, a cell phone should be left aside even though it is hand-free. As you know, talking or chatting prevents you from paying attention to what is going on ahead.

You should only multitask with the car. Hence, put the mobile phone away or turn it off before setting off on your journey.

3. Do not use alcohol

You know that drinking alcohol before driving is illegal. Most of the crashes involve bad drinking behaviors. The majority of consequences lead to a high rate of fatality. Driving when you are in a subconscious state will cause you to make mistakes and car crashes will happen then.

4. Choose a safe vehicle

Having good behavior in driving is a must. But, aside from that, you have to opt for a car equipped with great safety features. According to statistics, the stability control in the car can lower the fatal risk by 80%.

Besides, you had better think about other safety features including cross-traffic alert, or blind-spot monitoring. Generally, you can reduce the risk of an accident by 50% if you choose a safe and reliable vehicle.

5. Keep a safe space

It is great to keep a distance between the car behind and in front of you. You will have more time and space to react without braking suddenly. So, you should be conscious of other vehicles and drive defensively.

Not only do you have to avoid the passenger vehicles, but you should also stay away from the heavy ones. These types of cars often possess wider blind spots and longer braking distances. Hence, if a heavy car is behind you, you ought to turn the signal on first. Then, you leave additional space so that the driver can brake safely.


After reading 5 safety tips to help you avoid road collisions, you now have grasped some knowledge to deal with common situations on the road. These tips will help you reduce greatly the risk of car accidents. Hopefully, you find this article helpful, and you will have many good and safe trips in the future.


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