How to drive your motorcycle safely in bad weather? 

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for some motorcyclists to be able to ride all year round, regardless of the weather conditions, which can often be very harsh? They act fearlessly while, like warriors on two wheels, defying thunder, lightning, snowfall, and ice on the roads.

Riding a motorcycle in bad weather sounds like an impossible mission to many or something that should be strictly avoided, as much as possible. It is very important that you learn all the “little secrets of great masters” or what it takes to drive safely and in bad weather.

Those who are beginners in motorcycling or who have not yet had the experience to face riding a motorcycle in bad weather would certainly like to know how some bikers manage to ride successfully during bad weather.

Below you’ll find the most important tips on how to deal with adversity along the way.

It rains on the city on streets with cars and motorcycles.

#1 Take care of your motorcycle in every way

The number one priority for every motorcyclist is to take adequate care of their motorbike. First of all, it is necessary to protect it from potential thefts using a high-quality motorcycle GPS tracker and keeping it under lock in a safe garage. Check Monimoto official site to learn more about GPS tracker system.

In addition, it is essential that you take your motorcycle to a service center regularly to be 100% sure that it is safe for any ride, especially when it comes to driving in bad weather. Regular service of your motorcycle will tell you if everything is OK with your machine and if it potentially needs to be repaired or replaced with oil and the like. 

A safe motorcycle means a safe and peaceful sleep for every motorcyclist. Only in this way will you be calm and peaceful to start any adventure on the road.

#2 Wear clothes that are suitable for bad weather

Scandinavias have a very popular saying that there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes. It’s the same with motorcycle clothes. If you’re enthusiastic about riding your bike in the rain, snow, ice, then you have to dress accordingly so as not to get sick on the way to your destination.


What you should own and train before you sit on your motorcycle and set off in bad weather is:


  1. Full-Face Helmet.
  2. Leather Gear.
  3. Windbreakers.
  4. A Warm Base Layer.
  5. Neck Protection.
  6. Heated Gear.
  7. Socks & Boots.
  8. Gloves & Handwarmers.

#3 Know exactly where you’re going 

Many drivers are distracted if they do not know their way and where they are going. With the help of a reliable and high-quality navigation system that will show you the exact and fastest way to your desired destination in advance, even before you start your engine. 


Knowing the road ahead will not distract you and you will be able to enjoy it easily, concentrating to the maximum on the ride and the road ahead. Keep your eyes on the road! Do not let anything distract your attention and affect your lack of control over your driving. And it does not overtake in vast landscapes and weather conditions such as fog, for example.


Paying attention to the fact that your engine is safe from theft and that its service is excellent is the number one priority before you even think about going on any road, regardless of whether it is raining, snowing or the sun outside.


The next thing is to have adequate clothing and equipment that will protect you from all potential obstacles on the road and the possibility of injury and illness. However, the most important thing for you, as a driver, is to drive conscientiously and soberly, with full concentration.


No matter the weather, you always have to have full concentration and dedicate yourself to driving like a true professional and you have no reason to worry! Have a nice trip!


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