If I Don’t Feel Injured After an Automobile Accident, Do I Have to See a Doctor?

Being in a car accident is a frightening and disruptive experience. With all the chaos, you may convince yourself that you are fine and there is no reason to seek medical care after being in a collision. If this is how you think, car accident lawyer Pendergrass recommends you reconsider. You should take the time to get a medical checkup after an accident, regardless of whether you think you have suffered injuries or not. Here are the main reasons why seeing a doctor after an automobile accident is important.

Automobile Accident

Discover Hidden Injuries

Many people avoid getting a physical examination after an accident only to discover later that they had been hurt. A doctor’s visit may reveal that there are internal injuries, and not pursuing medical care may have grave consequences. Having a damaged internal organ or internal bleeding is something that needs to be addressed immediately.

Many injuries are not immediately obvious but may progress over time. What you may interpret as a slight headache may develop into something more serious, impacting the tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues of your neck.

Don’t try to self-diagnose. A medical professional has the tools to properly assess any injuries you may have suffered.

Avoid Problems With Your Insurance

After you inform your insurance company of an accident, they will have an insurance adjuster contact you to ask about your injuries and damage to your property. If you inform the adjuster that you refused medical care, you will have a tough time opening up the claim again in the future if the impact of your injuries becomes obvious.

It will be almost impossible to convince your insurance company that you are concerned about your health when you did not take the time to get a medical evaluation after a car crash.

Not Having Elements to Prove You Were Injured When Filing a Lawsuit

If you decide to hire a lawyer to file a claim against the party at fault for the accident, they will want to know everything about your case, including what injuries you sustained and what you have done to treat them. Telling them that you did not receive medical care because you believed you were not injured will make defending you that much harder.

In Conclusion

Car accidents involve great force, and the human body is not designed to withstand it. It is common for accident victims to suffer whiplash, broken bones, concussions, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns, and other injuries. Many lose their lives. Avoid the long-term consequences of an injury by making sure to see a healthcare professional as soon as possible after an accident. Once you are diagnosed, follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter.

Being in a car accident is not something to look forward to. However, not taking the necessary steps to safeguard your legal rights is a mistake that may prove to be too expensive in the long run. Prioritize your health after an accident.


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