Is It Worth Having A Car Alarm?

Thieves always choose the easiest possible target. When you are the only car in the parking lot without an alarm, you make yourself a target.


Without any car alarm installation you are essentially advertising yourself to get robbed. So if your car alarm is damaged or if you do not possess one, it is essential that you get one as soon as possible.


Thieves don’t just read the labels on your car or check the specs to know what alarm system you have. They usually test out your doors to see what happens, which is why it is crucial to have it in fully working order.

When the sirens go off and people start to look in their direction, the thief will get anxious and move on to an easier target. This is the purpose of your car alarm.

Do Car Alarms Deter Theft?

One thing is to want to deter thieves and another to put it into practice. For an experienced car thief a badly installed car alarm will pose him no threat.


However, if you choose a high quality aftermarket car alarm and have a professional install it, they will hide the wires and make entry of the car extremely difficult and ineffective.


Though no car alarm in the world can 100% guarantee your safety, it is the car equivalent of having a guard dog that is always watchful, always ready, and a great measure of security.

Can I Install My Own Car Alarm?

If you know what you’re doing, then sure. However, it is our experience that most people do not know the best methods with which to install a car alarm.


Anyone can install one, but very few can install a car alarm properly in a way that will maximize your security, optimise its functionality and provide you with the peace of mind you need when you leave your car alone.


How Much Would It Cost To Install Car Alarms?

If someone asked you to give them $5 in exchange for $100, would you do it? Of course! This is similar to purchasing a car alarm. You pay a small amount for the car alarm installation but you can save yourself the cost of the car along with whatever items you have inside it.


We don’t sell any car alarms for $5 but in comparison to the value of the car itself and the belongings inside it that could be stolen, it might as well be.


If you would like to see the car alarms we have available for sale, feel free to check them out as you scroll down the page, or alternatively, you can contact us directly and we will walk you through all the best security options for you, your car, and your valuable possessions.



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