MG6 Pro 2021 Specs, Review

MG6 Pro 2021 Specs

Sporty technique and great aesthetics. Feeling for life and talent for design. The impressive thing about MG 6 Pro Pakwheels is clear. It’s a smart and the bold machine invented to implement the British traditional “do it yourself”. The car has three trim levels and is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine to ensure smooth, and dynamic performance. This is a model, I hope you will experience more and find new perspectives for adventure. This process involves a lot of exciting technologies, and guidance tools will ensure your safety and security. Learn more about MG 6 price in Pakistan.


As an entertainment model, it mainly follows the overall design style of the popular model, with some modifications in detail. The MG 6 Pro 2021 brand logo on the first grille has been respectively prompted to the deeper edge of the front engine cell to make the front end more integrated. At the same time, the large multifunctional central grille with independent lamp holders makes the new car look very aggressive. In addition, the front face of the new car is very effective, and the front edges on both sides of the lower part enhance the sporty feel of the new car.

MG6 Pro 2021 Specs

The MG6 PRO also uses a black five-speaker wheel with a red-black arrow grip to create a better gaming environment. In the back of the car, the new car will have a large rear spoiler. Most car decorations are painted in bright black, and the taillights are in black. Displays the total number of sports genes. Meanwhile, the new Bubble Orange body paint presents the new car view more effectively.


MG 6 Pro interior, the new car uses a complete LCD dashboard. And the MG 6 Pro is furnished with a three-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel with sweep shifters. The central control center has a built-in multimedia touch screen and a few physical buttons for central control. Combined with the electronic transmission mechanism, it enhances the science and technology of the whole vehicle. In addition, the new car seat has a well-integrated sports seat and a two-tone stroller. The inner seat belt also uses a sparkly orange design that is full of excitement. The new car is also equipped with a 10.1-inch frameless floating screen that enhances the sense of science and technology.

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