Recessed Lighting in the Garage: What to Consider

Recessed lighting is a popular form of lighting. Lights are placed in the walls or ceilings of a room, with large bulbs that provide plenty of light throughout the space without the need to purchase large or expensive light fixtures. They are especially popular for the garage as they provide a minimal look and won’t get in the way of your car or other items. If you’re considering getting recessed lights for your garage, then you may want to know more about the installation process, costs, and more. 

Recessed Lighting in the Garage

What to Consider Beforehand

Before you purchase recessed lights and start the installation process in your garage, there are several things to consider. Ask yourself which types and sizes are going to be the best fit for the space that you are having them installed in. Think about how many recessed lights you are going to need for the intended purpose and the light tone that is going to work best for the area. In the garage, you may want to use them for the main lighting and in certain areas as spotlights, especially if you tend to use your garage for working on projects a lot. 

Choosing the Right Bulbs

Picking the right bulbs is key to getting the perfect recessed lights for your space. In some cases, you can buy recessed light bulbs separately from the fixture, while others come together. Lots of recessed lights today use LED lights, so there is no need to buy a separate bulb. However, if you are just buying the fixture without the bulbs, you will need to find a traditional incandescent light bulb or LED light bulb that fits. 

Trim Types

The trim is the part of the recessed lighting fixture that is most visible aside from the bulb. There are lots of different styles you can choose from when it comes to recessed lighting trims to fit your style and ideas. For maximizing the production of light in your garage and directing it downwards, a reflector trim is ideal. Wall wash trims direct light sideways with an opaque shell, so they can be ideal for highlighting features or décor. For spotlights in the garage that you can adjust, consider eyeball trims, as these allow you to change the direction of the light. If you are concerned about damp in the garage, and it’s not as watertight as the rest of your home, then lensed trims are a good choice as they have a solid cover to protect the bulbs and wiring and are usually safe enough to use outdoors. 

Picking the Right Size

There are lots of factors that you might consider when it comes to choosing the size of your recessed lights. If you want a minimalist option, then consider going for four-inch lights rather than the traditional six-inch size. The size of the space that you are lighting will be the main deciding factor when you pick the right size. Six-inch lights are usually a better option for lighting entire rooms, while smaller lights are great for use as spotlights alongside other light fixtures. 

Recessed lighting is a great way to create a sleek, expensive-looking appearance and maximize the light output in your garage. 

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