Toyota Crown Athlete Specs – Price – Review 2023


Toyota Crown Athlete Review

The 14th formation of the 2023 Toyota Crown was launched in 2012. Toyota Crown Athlete specs 2021 is a front/rear / all-wheel-drive extravagance car. The 14th generation Toyota Crown started the Toyota Multi Touchpad as a basic form of vehicle interaction. Toyota’s 14th generation Crown includes a new, more advanced design language and a series of cleaner and more powerful engines.

There are three choices of the fourteenth generation of Toyota Crown, the royal salon, and the royal salon G. The 14th generation Toyota Crown was created more than four years ago. Toyota Crown was launched in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Compared to other models of the same class, the price of the 14th generation Toyota Crown is not competitive. Toyota Crown price is PKR 82 lacs. 

Toyota’s trademark registration in the United States does not allow it to proceed. The carmaker is not announcing its plans. So, the possibilities are as follows: Toyota just wants to be famous here (or expect others) or plans to launch Crown cars in the future. The crown can take many forms in the US market, or we can imagine the value of a single car (such as the Highland Crown Cruiser) or a new design that can be applied to many Camry and Avalon models. It could be a minibus.

Toyota Crown price in Pakistan is 8,500,000-15,000,000.

Toyota Crown Athlete specs 2021

In a speech in Tokyo this week, a Toyota driver described Lexus as “Japanese food” through a spokesman. Toyota Crown 2022 Specifications similarity may be lost in translation, but the intention is clear: Lexus is designed for Western tastes (although some have been adapted to Toyota), but the contemporary crown prince is not for everyone.

In our business, we have observed an increase. The first car sold was Hilux, and there is an increasing trend even in this segment. Of course, the SUV market is also very large. Large-scale growth. Yes.” Although it is still It is an important part of [Sales].

Toyota Crown 2022 price in Pakistan is very reliable – it is made in an “expensive” business or at a higher level than required. Our search did not match any results, but please make sure your car is being serviced normally. These are medium-sized luxury cars, mainly sold in the local market in Japan and some Asian countries.

This model was introduced in 1955 as the Toyota Crown image and is the Toyota Core. But the crown is always a luxury car, not a sports car. Toyota’s trademark registration in the United States does not allow it to proceed. So, the possibilities are as follows: Toyota just wants to be famous here (or expect others) or plans to launch Crown cars in the future.

Toyota Crown Athlete Exterior

The 14th-generation Toyota Crown Royal Saloon has a uniquely designed language. The front is equipped with stylish narrow trapezoidal headlights with daytime running lights, a large and sharp grille with a chrome finish, and dual circular fog lights. The tailpiece is furnished with a great and obvious trapezoidal taillight.

All Toyota Crown is the equivalent in every way. Toyota Crown’s 14th-generation public display uses a unique and distinctive design language to compete and stand out from the competition. At first look, Toyota Crown 2022 top speed is difficult to see what went wrong, because the crown does not change the rules of the game in appearance or engine.


Toyota Crown Athlete Interior

Decorative wood panels are used inside the 14th generation Toyota Crown Interior. The front and rear seats are covered with leather. Athletes’ standard features include 3-zone climate control, satellite navigation, cruise control, 8 airbags, and electric front seats with memory packs.

The excellent Royal sedan has large wheels and tires, a standard pre-crash system, and standard heated front seats. Top & Royal Salon G leather upholstery, climate control with 4 zones, rear-seat climate control, standard electric rear seats, standard side airbags (12 airbags in total), and standard sunroof Equipped with.


Toyota Crown Athlete Specs



2.5 Liter DOHC 24 Valve VVT-I V6

3.5 Liter DOHC 24 Valve VVT-I V6


6-Speed Automatic

8-Speed Automatic


The fourteenth-generation Toyota Crown executive sedan can reach an average of 23.8 km/l with a 71-liter fuel tank at 11 km/l at 781-1689 km.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Very Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Luxurious 
  • Good range of standard equipment 
  • Great ride quality  
  • Cons
  • Lack of spare parts
  • Expensive

Toyota Crown Price in Pakistan 8,500,000-15,000,000.

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