Ways to Make Your Jeep Look More Aggressive

So, you want your Jeep — already a rugged brand — to have a bit more attitude, a more intimidating visage. Well, you have plenty of company. Many people like to make their Jeeps look more aggressive. Here are some ways to do just that.

Install a Lift Kit

If you want to give your rig a brawnier, more powerful pose, one of the most common ways to do it is by lifting it up. It does do the trick. Whether you’re doing it mainly for style points or to boost your off-road capability, installing a lift kit will immediately make your Jeep look more imposing.

Such kits work by placing a nylon spacer between the vehicle’s body and frame. Neither the Jeep’s wheels nor suspension are affected, however. They remain the same height.

Make Your Jeep Look

You can raise your Jeep anywhere from 1.5 inches to six inches, so you have a decision to make. The higher you lift your ride, the more it’ll cost you. You’ll also have to make additional mods, and installation may affect steering since your vehicle will have a higher center of gravity.

And while you may think “the higher the better,” consider how the vehicle will be used. Remember that if you lift your ride too high, you’ll have to climb up to it.

Having said that, in addition to making your ride look more fearsome, lifting your vehicle also allows you to increase your field of vision while on the road. Other drivers can see you better, too. Another plus is a higher ground clearance. 

Note that before you make any extensive modifications, do be sure to check your Jeep Wrangler lease agreement.

Do a Lights Mod

Modifying your lights is another way to make your Jeep look more fiercely awesome — and make your Jeep your own. And there seemingly are an infinite number of ways to go about altering your headlights and taillights or adding other lights.

For example, there is a wide variety of styles of LED bulbs, which give off a bright light and last longer, keeping you safer on the road at night. Available styles include a bright circular glow or HALO lights, which have been very popular the last few years. Perhaps you’d rather obscure some of the bulb’s radiance with a smoked light and a darker lens.

If you’re a hardcore off-roader, or simply like to go off road when camping, you may want to consider an LED Light Bar, which also has a “baddie” effect. While most people put the bar on their Jeep’s windshield, you can always put it on your hood or front bumper.

Swap Out Your Grille

Jeep’s iconic grille is tough-looking as it is. Still, you can replace your grille to look even more formidable and give your ride a new personality. After all, the grille is the first thing people notice about the vehicle, and it affects their perception about the driver.  

Ideas for a new grille include one that seemingly bares its teeth or is styled in the form of an angry eye or two. There’s one that’s meant to represent an angry face, and there’s an “angry bird,” and more. If you really want to change the way your Jeep looks, you can get a grille model that includes headlamps or daytime running lamps.

In terms of grille types, your options include a fine or heavy mesh grille. The latter exudes a more rugged look. Another type is called computer numerically controlled (CNC). Here, you’re in charge of design, which is done virtually. Then there’s “billet,” a type of pattern that’s frequently comprised of fine lines, with multiple thick lines in the center. Whichever type you choose can affect’s the car’s performance as well as its appearance.

So, yes, there are certainly ways to make your Jeep look more aggressive. Just take care when deciding how you go about it, making sure to factor in your lifestyle and how you’ll use your vehicle.

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