When Is The Best Time To Start Building A House? 

Many great ideas can be found on the Internet. Though, the lack of money can break all the plans and dreams. The durability and reliability of a country house depend on a number of interrelated factors. To be able to achieve your dream house, test your luck at the Bizzo Casino live online and win the real jackpot. Though sometimes money can not solve everything.  Laying the foundation, erecting walls and roofs, and finishing the facade or interior. One of these factors is the right time for carrying out certain works. You should also know before the construction works. What is the best season to start construction? When not to build a house and why? What is the optimal construction schedule? The answers to these questions determine not only the final quality of construction but also the number of financial costs that it may need.


As you know, there is no doubt that the peak of construction takes place during the spring and summer months. In the summer, the prices of building materials increase due to this seasonal increase in demand, which reaches a maximum by the end of the year.

This means that buying bricks, roofing tiles, parquet boards, and other building materials, such as bricks, roofing tiles, or parquet board, will not be worthwhile. It is also a good idea to finish a house in the summer or spring. Due to seasonal margins alone, you are likely to waste a considerable amount of financial resources. It is better to devote the time to this at the end of autumn or the beginning of winter. The prices of building materials are very low in this profession, and you will find that almost all products of this type are being offered at a substantial discount by the sellers.


Foundation construction is the first and very important stage in the construction of any country house. The strength of the structure, its operational durability, and the level of comfort throughout the house depends on how professionally the foundation work is carried out.

If the project of the house provides for a basement or basement, then you should not start foundation work during the spring flood and the rise of groundwater. Otherwise, in the future, very serious problems may arise with the foundation of the house, its integrity, and its tightness.

When it comes to filling the foundation, it is not desirable to do so in hot weather conditions or when the rainy season is upon us. Upon solidification, the strength characteristics of the foundation can be adversely affected if the solidification process is too rapid. And precipitation can erode the unhardened surface, thereby violating its shape.

Finally, when pouring the foundation in late autumn, the first frosts can cause cracking of the structure and, as a result, its rapid destruction.

Thus, the end of spring, cool summer months, and early autumn can be considered the most favorable periods for foundation work. At this time, the solidification of the foundation will take place under optimal temperature conditions, which will ensure the reliability and durability of the structure.

Roof And Pipeline Systems

The installation  of the truss system, the construction of the roof, and the closing of the external contour are all-weather works. They can be produced at almost any time of the year. Of course, certain types of materials can dictate their temperature “conditions”, shifting the schedule of construction work in one direction or another.

If we were to speak about when it is not necessary to build a house, we would not be able to mention the design of engineering networks and communications without bringing up the subject of when it is not necessary to build a house. Excavation and concrete work on the construction of sewerage lines should not be done during the winter months. Installation of the system at low temperatures can subsequently adversely affect its tightness.

Gas communications cannot be installed before the final shrinkage of the house. Because a violation of this rule can damage the gas duct and cause a serious accident.

As for interior finishing work, they can be carried out at any time of the year, provided that positive temperatures are set inside the building.

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