Why You Should Prepare Your Wiper Blades Before The Spring Storm Season

Wiper blades can take a severe beating after a long winter of cold temperatures, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. After periods of heavy usage and exposure to the elements, it is vital to check your blades routinely and replace them when needed to ensure your vehicle is ready for spring storms.

Spring Storm Season

Protect Your Windshield

If you notice that your wiper blades are squeaky, bumpy, or need to be turned on high to get any results, they likely need replacement. Wiper blades are made of rubber that can become worn down over time, reducing their performance and making driving less safe. Worn wiper blades can also create unwanted and unnecessary problems such as damage to your windshield. 

As wiper blades deteriorate, the material can wear down significantly enough to expose metal or plastic material on the wiper blade arm. Using worn wiper blades can lead to this material making contact with your windshield and causing glass damage. Minor scratches can quickly expand and lead to costly windshield replacement and severe safety hazards such as large cracks. Replacing worn blades immediately with wiper blades at autozone can help to protect your windshield from potential damage and keep you safe while driving.

Improve Your Visibility

Another important safety consideration is visibility. Wiper blades that are deteriorated from heavy usage are not as effective or safe as newer blades. As weather conditions change to rain, hail, and other stormy conditions, it is critical to ensure that you can see when driving. In stormy conditions, the last thing you want is wiper blades that do not perform well. To adequately clear water and other debris from your windshield, wiper blades need to be in good condition without fraying or tears to glide smoothly. Equipping your vehicle with replacement wiper blades at autozone is an essential step in preparing for spring storms and making sure you have maximum visibility in any driving conditions. 

In addition to regularly checking your wiper blade condition, you also need to pay attention to wiper fluid levels to help keep your windshield clean from dirt and debris. Not only does wiper fluid help improve visibility, but it can also help to keep your wiper blades clean and prolong their lifespan. Keeping a bottle of autozone windshield wiper fluid on hand to routinely top off your fluid levels is a great way to ensure your car is always ready for the road ahead.

Regularly inspecting and changing your wiper blades is critical for operating your vehicle safely. When you are on the go, changing your wiper blades may not seem like it is at the top of your to-do list, but vehicle maintenance is an essential priority to get you to your next destination safely. Wiper blades are one of the most crucial safety features on your car and require regular inspection. Before you or your loved ones get behind the wheel, take the time to check that your wiper blades are in optimal condition to ensure safe driving, no matter the forecast.

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