Why You Should Purchase the Honda HRV Today

The 2022 Honda HRV may only be a small SUV, but they say great things come in small packages, and that’s exactly what the Honda HRV is. It’s one of the most affordable and smallest SUVs currently offered in Honda’s line-up today, which is excellent because SUVs have become the most popular vehicles on the roads these days.

People looking for SUVs that aren’t too big, mainly because of parking issues and because they take up too much space in traffic, should definitely consider getting the Honda HRV. It’s been one of the strongest performing SUVs in Honda’s line-up for several years now, ever since it was first launched in 2016. However, it is still performing admirably well in 2022 and is a reliable and practical option for anyone looking to purchase an SUV this year.

The 2022 Honda HRV comes equipped with the latest features with numerous high-tech components that are in line with what most modern SUVs offer. Honda hasn’t tampered too much with the vehicle’s exterior, and it mostly looks like the previous model. However, the sport trim has gotten an edgier design to stand out. Nevertheless, let’s look at some of the features that make the Honda HRV the perfect SUV for you today.

Why You Should Purchase the Honda HRV Today

Perfect SUV for Driving in Snow

Winter isn’t the most exciting or best time for driving, particularly if you have a long commute and often find yourself driving on snowy or icy roads. You want to drive a vehicle that is adept in handling such conditions and offers you formidable power and handling on the roads when there is snow. There are plenty of options in the SUV segment that boast phenomenal prowess in the snow, but the outright leader right now is the Honda HRV.

The Honda HRV has been designed for such conditions, and the car magically knows what to do and how to perform in such situations. There is no magic involved, though, as the SUV comes equipped with AWD functionality and has a system that detects any snow or ice on the roads when driving. That reduces your stress, knowing that you won’t have to worry about your car slipping and sliding while driving on roads with a lot of ice and snow.

A Relaxing Drive on Your Commute

You won’t have to do anything as the SUV will do everything for you, ensuring that you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing drive. There is also a collision mitigation braking system that automatically stops your car and applies pressure on the brakes to stop any potential accidents. Another game-changing addition to the Honda HRV is that it comes with Apple CarPlay, so you won’t have to worry about picking up any calls or texting or listening to songs on your commute.

You can listen to your favourite tunes while driving through the snow and not worry about the car slipping or underperforming when there is snow on the roads. The perfect SUV built for snow conditions, the Honda HRV’s compact size ensures that you won’t have any issues with its handling. Even though the car may be small, it still packs a punch and has enough power under the hood to ensure that you will not worry about acceleration and road grip.

An Affordable Price Range

One of the main reasons you should choose the Honda HRV as your SUV for this year is that it’s exceptionally affordably priced. When comparing the SUV with its competitors, you realize the exact difference and how much more affordable it is. Drivers are always looking for vehicles that don’t cost them an arm and a leg and won’t be spending too much time in the workshop.

The Honda HRV fits the bill perfectly, and with a starting price of only $26,900 and going up to $36,950, you will be hard-pressed to find better SUVs in this price bracket. All the trims are reasonably priced, and that’s why they will interest so many people who are looking for affordable but powerful SUVs on the market today.


The excellent interior design and features of the Honda HRV haven’t been discussed as much, but some other reasons make it one of the best SUVs to purchase today. If you’re looking for a reliable, compact, and affordable SUV, then you won’t find a better option on the market because the Honda HRV ticks all the boxes.

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