Yamaha Mio I 125 Review, Specs & Price In Philippines 2022

Yamaha Mio I 125 Review

Yamaha Mio I 125 is the best motorcycle for beginners. This bike has a 125cc engine, which is perfect for people who are new to riding. The engine is so small that it does not need to be fueled often, and it can operate on regular unleaded gas. Other features include both an automatic and manual option, LED headlights, and turn signals. It also has a five-speed transmission. I took the Yamaha Mio I 125 on a long-distance road trip to see how it would fare. The first thing I noticed was that the Yamaha Mio I 125 Features has a comfortable seat and is light enough for me to lift one-handed, making loading and unloading easy. The seats on the Yamaha Mio I 125 are surprisingly comfortable and make for a good place to sit while waiting in traffic. The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a two-liter, 4-cylinder engine that can easily get up to 70 MPH on the open road.

The Yamaha Mio i 125 For sale Philippines has a nice, wide, and long fuel tank and with a fuel gauge on the rider’s left, the Yamaha Mio I 125 Weight Capacity is easy to read and provides a quick warning of when the fuel is running low. The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a 13-inch wheelbase and this allowed for better stability and handling. The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a rear-wheel suspension and a small-diameter rear tire. This made it easier for the Yamaha Mio I 125 fuel consumption to make turns and corners better. The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a comfortable and solid frame that provides a stable ride. The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a large frame, which made it a little top-heavy. This allowed for a good balance, which made it easy to handle.

The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a well-thought-out, easy-to-operate clutch and a large, easily accessible gear shift lever. The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a comfortable instrument cluster that is easy to read and provides a lot of information. The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a low center of gravity, which made it easier to handle. The Yamaha Mio I 125 specs has a long, wide seat that provided a good place to sit. The Yamaha Mio I 125 has a 12-volt electrical system that is easy to use. The Yamaha Mio Sporty has a low seat that doesn’t interfere with the rider’s ability to reach the ground. This made it easy to mount and dismount.

Yamaha Mio I 125

Yamaha Mio I 125 Price Philippines

This depends on which model you are purchasing. For the Mio I, it is about $600. However, if you are looking for a more expensive model, the Yamaha Mio I 125 Price list installment will cost between $1000 and $2000.

Yamaha Mio I 125

  • Where to buy one?

You can buy this bike at your local department stores, such as Walmart, Target, or even Amazon. You can also buy it from an online retailer, such as eBay or Amazon.

  • Design and comfort

The Mio is from Yamaha, and it is a stylish motorcycle. There are three colors that are offered, and you can choose the color that you want. The colors are black, red, and blue. It also has a very sleek, aerodynamic design. Other features include a gear shift knob, a wrist and handlebar watch, a glove box, and an air-cooled front tire.

Yamaha Mio I 125

  • Emission standards

This is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a motorcycle. The Mio is Euro4 compliant. This means that it meets EPA requirements and it is regulated by the European Union. This means that it is safer than other motorcycles. It has an emissions range of 105 to 127 grams per kilometer.

  • Great for beginners

This motorcycle is very easy to operate. The engine is small, so you do not have to worry about it not working. You can ride with your hands and feet. There is an ergonomic design. There are three gears, and there is a clutch. There are wide-foot pegs, so you can easily reach them if you are on a bicycle. It has a single-seat, a rear fender, and a rear rack.

  • Advantages

This one has a sunroof and a windshield. It has a key ignition system, and it is easy to lock. It has a digital instrument panel, so you can clearly see how much energy you are using.

  • Disadvantages

The tires on the bike are not covered; however, the manufacturer offers a warranty that covers the tires. This is a great motorcycle to have because it is safe and offers great value.

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