Yamaha MT15 Review, Mileage, Images And Price 2022

Yamaha MT15 Review, Road Test

Focusing on design and road racing, Yamaha introduced the two-Yamaha MT 15 in the Indian market. A slightly different version of the R15 full function. The overall design of the motorcycle is similar to the Yamaha MT 15 top speed series. This bike is more suitable for city riding conditions, which is more than 150 km. Will Yamaha MT-15 weight open its place Well, the front of the bike lights up my eyes. This bike is strong and the headlights make it even more special. The headlight set features two-dimensional LEDs. So it looks like a transformer (fictional character) and is unique in the market segment. The Yamaha MT 15 is my favorite sports bike. Priced between 139,000 and 1.49 million. It comes in 4 shapes and 4 colors. This is my favorite because of the price range. It is powered by a 155-cc BS6 engine with a 6-speed gearbox. The engine produces 18.5 horsepower and 13.9 Nm of torque. I have ridden this bike and it works fine.

Yamaha MT15

What about Yamaha MT 15?

The 10-liter fuel bar reflects the power of the motorcycle and appreciates the use of artificial air. The steering wheel is equipped with a simple and comfortable driving position, which is different from the MT 15 modified team. Tape point weight and key quality can be good. The position of the beep key and marker has changed, so be prepared to say goodbye to the curves of learning. The rear lights of the motorcycle appear to be on the back of the seat. The sound of the exhaust fills the feel of the sports MT 15 color and the sound is soft. The single-seat design and rear pedals give you a slightly more powerful driving style. The driver’s seat is a luxury, but not as good as the back seat. The coolant holder is mounted directly under the spoon.

How does Yamaha MT15 work?

Like the MT-15 YZF-R15, it is equipped with a 155cc single-cylinder liquid cooling engine. Yamaha MT 15 top speed mileage power is low and thin. 19.3 Produces horsepower. Rotation speed of 14.7 Nm at 10,000 rpm and 8,500 rpm. The electric motor is used in conjunction with a six-speed gearbox. By adjusting the engine to make it less energy efficient, bicycles can easily handle traffic and congestion. This R15 can reach 52 jaws compared to 48 teeth. It helps speed up at first but stays away from the R15 Yamaha MT-15 Price in Nepal after 100km / h. Our top speed is 130 km, while the R15 can reach 140 mph. This bike has a telescope on the front fork and a shock absorber on the rear, which protects you from minor scratches, even if you are seriously injured.


Yamaha MT15How does Yamaha MT15 look?

The Yamaha MT 15 mileage is a clear winner in urban driving. Long journeys do not bother him. One day we were taken from Delhi. 100 km test for fatigue and discomfort. He did well and was not upset. Driving at low speeds in traffic conditions is not a problem for this bike. Second gear can easily reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour [40 kilometers per hour], and the results are impressive. Even in high gear, the bike is stable at low speeds. The MT15 offers VVA technology, which gives the rider more power but not speeds. It has anti-lock features and extra towing, which reduces the chances of locking the wheels. This bike has single-channel ABS and it comes with dual-channel R15, for only $ 4,000, and improper handling of this bike is not a real problem. From time to time you may notice that the rear seats and the driver’s feet collide with each other due to the rear pedal. Brakes are standard and can reach speeds of 60 to 100 mph. 3-4 seconds.

Yamaha MT15

Yamaha MT 15 Features And Specifications

Sizes & Weight
Ground Clearance 170 mm
Yamaha MT-15 seat height 810 mm
Width 800 mm
Wheelbase 1335 mm
Kerb Weight  138 kg
Height 1070 mm
Length 2020 mm

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