Can You Really Get Fit by Riding an Ebike? Here’s the Answer

Riding an ebike can bring you a lot of benefits, like saving gas costs, offering a green alternative for commuting, or encouraging more people to enjoy riding. However, when it comes to getting fit, many people don’t think that ebikes can help us get exercise with the assistance of motors and batteries. Is that true? Well, the answer is no.


Riding an ebike can get more fitness

Riding an ebike can get more fitness

Believe it or not, a study in 2019 has shown that electric bikes can offer more exercise than traditional bikes. The study which was published in the Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives journal involved more than 10,000 adults in 7 European countries. It was launched with 2 major steps. First, those researchers calculate the energy consumption of different means of transportation, including ebike, traditional bikes, walking, driving, etc. Second, they need to record the amount of time those participants spent in the transportations above and how far they had gone.

After analyzing the collected data, the researchers found out that ebike riders gained more exercise compared with regular bike riders each week. Moreover, the study launchers came to the conclusion that ebike riders would like to spend more time riding compared to traditional bike riders.

4 Tips for Getting Fit with Electric Bikes

Well, with the results shown by the study, most of you would realize riding an ebike does contribute to our fitness, but do you really know how to do that properly and effectively? Below are the 4 tips that I prepare for you guys about how to get fit by riding electric bikes for adults.

1: Don’t use the throttle all the way

I know many of you can’t help twisting the throttle because it is the easiest and simplest way to reach the top speed. Tempting as it is, we don’t recommend you to do that if you want to get more exercise with electric bikes. Obviously, it doesn’t work at all for your fitness as an ebike with full power output will do most of the work for you on the road. I think your right hand can get the most exercise in this manner.

Anyway, when you are trying to get fit on your ebike, try not to use the throttle, but the PAS instead. If you just can’t help doing that all the time, we would like to recommend you the Magicycle Commuter Ebike, which has 5 levels of PAS without throttle. You can just get enough exercise on Magicycle Commuter without getting a lot of sweat. More importantly, its frame is perfectly designed to be so cool and stylish.

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2. Avoid using the highest PAS setting

Avoid using the highest PAS setting

By the same token as tip 1, for getting fitness on your ebikes, we don’t recommend using the highest level of PAS. On many ebikes for sale, this is basically a sort of motorcycle gear, which gives you full power. Once you get to the highest PAS level, your ebike is actually doing everything for you and you will be just spinning the pedals, this is not fun at all.

To avoid this, you can just use the comparably low levels of PAS based on your own needs. Also, if you got a Magicycle Cruiser or Cruise pro, things are going to be easier. Both of the 2 models have 7 levels of PAS. And in the setting menu, you can adjust the power output of all of the 7 PAS levels to help you get different degrees of exercise. We got a video showing how to program all settings of the Magicycle Cruiser and the Cruiser Pro, check the video link below to get more information:

3: Commute to work by riding

I know you guys are so occupied with work that you don’t have that much time to ride your ebike, but what if you ride to work every day? Riding an electric bike can keep you stay active. Studies show that cycle commuters are involved in lower risks of all-cause mortality like cancer or cardiovascular disease. So, apparently, cycling to work will help you a lot to get fitter.

And also, there is another benefit of cycling to work. During the pandemic, a lot of people are trying to avoid crowds in case they get infected, but not all of you are working at home at the moment, right? I believe most of you guys still need to take public transportations, which will increase the risks of getting covid-19. So if you commute to work with your ebike, the chances are that you won’t have to face the risks and surely your safety and health will be guaranteed.

4: Ride with your friends or in a group

My 4th and last tip is that you can find a partner and a group to ride with. If you prefer to be alone and would like to ride by yourself, that’s fine, sometime I would like to ride by myself and enjoy the peace as well. But for those who are not into cycling alone, it will be kind of tedious to do so. That is why I recommend you to ride in groups or with friends because it will make cycling way more interesting so that you will keep on doing that. By pushing and encouraging each other, you will gain an increasing number of times that you are riding out and much more frequency that you are getting exercise on an ebike. It will be a lot better if you finally make it a habit and stick with it as it is all about a healthy and green lifestyle.

To keep getting exercise will be kind of tedious and dull, but riding an ebike could be fun and interesting. That is why we always say: Ride Free, Ride Fun.

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