Honda Civic Type R: Specs and Design

Recently, Honda introduced the new Civic Type R. Specifications have not yet been fully disclosed, but experts already agree that the new model is an improved version of the old car. Contrary to many rumors, the Civic Type R is not equipped with all-wheel drive, which certainly upset fans of the company.

honda civic type r

Honda Civic Type R Specifications

Despite the fact that the changes in the new model are not so noticeable and are not global, many who are used to following Honda are looking forward to the official release of the car in order to test it. Instagram accounts with reviews are already ready to study new features and show photos of the Civic because the company has a lot of fans. Of course, the authors of such profiles buy Instagram followers because now it is almost impossible to get famous without this effective method, but after the release of Type R, people will follow the auto reviewers even more actively.

The new car is equipped with a two-liter K20C turbo engine, which was also the heart of the old model. According to the company, the new hatchback has become the most powerful in its history, but it is not yet possible to know exactly what characteristics of the updated model speak about this, since the corporation does not provide specific data.

Of the innovations, a new turbocharger and exhaust system can be noted. The company promises to reveal the rest of the updates this fall. It is expected that the car will have a capacity of about 330 horsepower, which is significantly superior to the previous model. Soon, Honda fans will have to find out how long the new Civic accelerates to 100 km/h and what is its maximum speed.

Honda Civic Type R Design

The design of the Civic is made in black and red colors. The seats that immediately make it clear that you are in a sports car are made in red and a line of red thread is visible on the black steering wheel. Accelerating to high speeds on race tracks in such a car will be extremely comfortable thanks to the ergonomics of the seats and special head restraints and side protection.

Those who are engaged in auto reviews and publish photos of new models in their accounts are very lucky that this model will be released soon. Already now, the authors should invest in promotion and buy real Instagram followers in order to show a wide audience photos of Civic Type R with luxurious bumpers on both sides and a triple exhaust nozzle in the fall.


For those who were waiting for a global update from Honda, the new Civic is likely to be a disappointment. The model will not receive a large number of unique characteristics and will not differ significantly from the previous one.

However, if you want to get even more power and an even more stylish design, then you should consider buying an updated car. Let’s wait for the official release to evaluate the Civic Type R more accurately.

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