Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally Festival In Pakistan 2022

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally Festival In Pakistan 2022

09-10-11-12-13 Feb, 2022

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally is organized in Pakistan by Army Welfare Fund. It can be considered one of the most extreme rally races in the world. The race consists of jeeps, trucks, and motorcycles that start from Quetta along with their drivers. This event starts on February 01 after sunset when all participants set out to the finish line at Uthal, which is located at a distance of around 500 kilometers away. At the end of the race, the cars reach Uthal in 5 to 6 hours. The vehicles need to cover around 100-150 kilometers per hour to complete the race. The maximum speed for the vehicles is 180 kilometers per hour. The participants have to finish the race in order to be counted as a winner. The winner of this race receives a trophy and Rs. 10,000,000 prize money. This event is also known as Pakistan Military Challenge. The Army Welfare Fund runs this event in collaboration with the Pakistani Army. The event attracts thousands of people every year.

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally Festival In Pakistan 2022


Pakistan’s Biggest Motor Sports Event (500KM)

The Jeep Rally 2022 Schedule is a four-day long, off-road race through the Cholistan Desert in Pakistan. It all begins with the ceremony starting at 3 pm on Friday, Feb 9th in Bahawalpur. The event provides challenging terrain for both experienced and novice drivers alike. Although a bit muddy and dusty, the jeep rally is a popular event because the terrain is challenging and the race is fun. The Cholistan Jeep Rally 2022 Live is an annual three-day rally in Pakistan that takes place in the country’s largest desert, the Thar. The competitors race their custom-built Jeeps over difficult terrain in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. A unique aspect of this rally is that it is open to anyone who owns a Jeep and has the required skill set, rather than just professional drivers.


Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally Festival In Pakistan 2022

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally Festival In Pakistan 2022 History

The first Cholistan jeep rally 2021 results were held in 2011 and was organized by a Jeep enthusiast named Zeeshan. It was a one-day event featuring approximately 14 participants. The second Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally took place in 2012 and was organized by local Jeep enthusiasts. It was an event that lasted a week and was held at the end of March. The rally was a success, attracting over 100 participants. The success of the rally prompted the organizers to begin planning for the first Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally for 2013.

The 2013 Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally was held in March of 2013. It was organized by a crew of four enthusiasts, including driver Ali. The rally was a huge success and was planned to be held every year thereafter. There is a possibility of the Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally being held in 2014.

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2022

What is the Cholistan desert jeep rally?

The Cholistan Jeep Rally track length is a desert of enormous proportions in Pakistan. It is the largest desert in Pakistan, covering an area of over 626 square miles. The desert is also filled with wildlife, including camels, wild animals, and birds. The Cholistan Desert is also famous for the many historical sights and monuments that are located there.

How do you prepare for a jeep rally in Pakistan?

Jeep Rallies in Pakistan follow a set of instructions that are laid out by the organizers of the event. These instructions are provided to the participants of the event.

Jeep Rallies in Pakistan are fun and exciting

These Cholistan Jeep Rally track Maps are held mostly in the month of April, and November. Most of the rallies are held in the Northern Areas. The Jeeps are built by volunteers and are not commercially made. They are built to international safety standards. The rallies are a great way for the participants to have fun and experience some adventure. These rallies also help the local area by making the locals aware of the problems faced by the villagers.

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