Honda PCX 160 Battery, Review, Price In Philippines And Specs 2022


Honda PCX 160 Review

The Honda PCX 160 is a scooter that would be perfect for anyone who is not interested in the work that goes into maintaining a car but still wants to travel with ease. The Honda PCX 160 gets excellent gas mileage of about 50 miles per gallon, which makes it an eco-friendly vehicle to get around town with. It can go up to 30 mph and can carry two people on its rear seat while carrying cargo on the back rack. This ride also has 4 speeds as well so you don’t have any worries if there are sudden stops from your passenger or even other vehicles when going through traffic lights because this bike will handle such situations easily without causing damage inside itself due to too much acceleration/deceleration. To be one that comes here in hopes for something like someone I know who did come before I only saw some really sad things including kids fighting over lollipops at stoplights etc.

Honda is a Japanese motorcycle company that was founded in 1948. The company has an extensive range of products, including motorcycles, power equipment, and aircraft. Honda’s focus is on the production of small-capacity motorcycles that are designed for one or two riders. The Honda PCX 160 is one such motorcycle. This article will look at the Honda PCX 160 motorcycle, which is a low-powered scooter. The first thing to know about the bike is that it has a free-kick starter so you don’t have to use your muscles to start it up. It also comes with a manual transmission so you can control how fast you want to go and for as long as you want.

Honda PCX 160

Honda PCX 160 Design

The Honda PCX 160 is designed as an ultimate commuter bike, for those who need to commute daily to work by bike. It offers excellent maneuverability due to its low seat height (150mm), compact dimensions(860 mm wide x 470 + 140/180 m), balanced weight distribution with easy handling characteristics thanks to its slim profile compared even though this model does not come equipped with anti-lock brakes system but what makes most people interested in riding a motorbike like bikes at all costs rather than just go around town commuting from point A 2 B?

Honda PCX 160

Description of the Honda PCX

The Honda PCX 160 downpayment is a uniquely designed scooter. It is very popular for its design and superb handling. Honda continues to refine the PCX with every new release, ensuring that this scooter remains an attractive option for those who are looking to buy one.

The PCX offers a 160cc engine that produces 13 horsepower, perfect for those who want a light-duty vehicle that can handle daily commuting. The standard gearbox on these vehicles include four forward gears; the 5th being used as low while 8 rd or 14 this high depending upon your preference (not available). Although not equipped in 4-speed transmission due it’s the lower budget status you have another chance by buying 6 pcs 1st gen model if the price doesn’t exceed 100000 plus tax amount so all models come 7 sp auto first generation except pax version only manual tranny because they don’t offer any automatic option even though its the best choice over other two.

Honda PCX 160

Honda PCX 160 Specifications

Honda’s PCX model has been very popular in Singapore because of its fuel-efficient engine and lightweight. The Honda PCX Release Date Philippines 2022 is a high-power motorcycle that is capable of achieving speeds up to 108 km/h but also has the option to switch to a 4-cylinder engine which assists with fuel costs. This model was created for the everyday commuter who needs quick, affordable transportation. It offers features such as disc brakes (Front & rear), LED headlights plus it comes standard equipped with an ABS system on both front wheels making this one durable bike from hondas stable lineup especially when considering how cheap these are compared to similar bikes out there.

Honda PCX 160

Honda PCX 160 Mileage

A lot of people are adopting more fuel-efficient vehicles, and it’s easy to see why. These cars typically offer a low sticker price, they’re environmentally friendly, and they have great gas mileage. One such vehicle is the Honda PCX 160 colors Philippines – a motorcycle that has been designed with a high level of environmental protection in mind. The Honda PCX 160 is powered by a four-stroke engine that generates a max power of 9. 5 hp at 6500 RPMs (revs per minute). This makes this bike an ideal everyday ride for students or commuters who want something cheap but don’t plan on going too far from home every day. The new 2012 PCX160 will come equipped with standard as well all sorts of safety features like ABS brakes; a traction control system that helps you maintain your speed when necessary even while cornering.

Honda PCX 160

Honda PCX 160 Specs

The Honda PCX is a modern scooter, which possesses all the necessary features to make short trips without problems. It has a maximum speed of 60km/h, and an estimated range of 180km. The engine is liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, and four-stroke. The design is simple yet well thought out; it has an automatic transmission with four gears, dual disc brakes with front-only brake, electric starter and comes with luggage rack, windshield, and luggage case.

Honda PCX 160 Battery

Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda PCX 160 for sale, founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, has been marketed as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly carmakers with their latest PCX family of scooters. Their ultimate goal is to refine the company’s electric vehicle strategy for the future.

Honda PCX 160 Price Philippines 2022

In the ever-changing world of motorbikes, it is important for both consumers and manufacturers to keep up with trends, which is where Honda’s PCX160 comes in. After a decline in sales of more expensive models, Honda has introduced a more affordable option, targeted at market segments where people can’t afford a more expensive bike. The PCX160 provides the best of both worlds: affordability and convenience. This motorcycle boasts top performance standards without breaking your bank!

Honda PCX 160 wheels

Honda is a Japanese company that produces motorcycles, ATVs, generators, and automobiles. One of their most recent models is the Honda PCX160. The Honda PCX 160 has four little wheels which allow it to maneuver in tight spaces. It has an air-cooled 4-stroke engine with single-overhead camshafts for its power source. The world’s second-largest motorcycle manufacturer is striving towards producing small commuter bikes for different needs.

How to charge honda PCX battery

It has a lithium-ion battery Honda PCX battery price. The new PCX 160 has the latest safety features available on Honda’s most popular scooter. The PCX 160 gets more than 125 mpg with an engine that achieves 3 horsepower. This scooter is great for any commuter, as it allows for convenient storage of your trunk bag and other items on the back rack.


I came to the conclusion that Honda’s PCX 160 is a great bike for someone who lives an urban lifestyle. It’s peppy, nimble, and awesome for commuting. It has a small footprint but still has big engine power. The gas mileage is awesome too! This bike is awesome because it can go around corners really well, while also being able to keep up with other traffic on the road.

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