How to Choose Commuter Electric Bicycle (5 Crucial Things)

Commuter electric bicycles have become one of the most popular choices among customers. You will be surprised to know that pedal bike sales are falling nearly every year. It will be easy to commute as e-bikes offer thrilling performances and entertaining rides. There are multiple e-bike models designed to meet your commuting requirements. If you are considering purchasing a commuter electric bicycle and don’t know what to do, then this guide is for you.

Commuter Electric Bicycle


What to Look for When Choosing a Commuter Electric Bicycle

A commuter electric bicycle is suitable for morning and evening commute from work. If you are purchasing the best commuter electric bike it can be challenging. Here are a few useful tips for purchasing your first e-bike:

1. High Handlebar & Upright Sitting Position

It is challenging to choose one of the best commuter e-bikes. However, you can purchase a good product from a reliable brand. Make sure that your e-bike model has a high or adjustable handlebar. It helps you sit upright and choose your preferred sitting position for various commutes. Once again there are many considerations for this option too.

Firstly you will like to have your back in an upright position. If your back is bending it can make your journey uncomfortable. Your bike must take care of your back especially when you are not a regular or experienced biker. The best part about a high handlebar is that it will not let your back pain even after a long journey.

When you have an upright sitting position it offers a fun-filled ride. You don’t need to worry about bending your neck or looking forward inconveniently. It will be easier to naturally see what is happening all around you. While you can commute with a stress-free mind.

2. Foldable vs. One-Piece Frame

Whether you want to have a foldable or a rigid one-piece bike frame is up to your choice. Many customers believe that foldable e-bikes are easy to handle. They are the best choice for city commutes. If you live in a city and commute many modes of transportation it will be a suitable option.

It is convenient to fold the e-bike and save your space very easily. The e-bike with a rigid, integrated frame may not be a very good choice for the users. If you plan to store your e-bike at your office during working hours, foldable e-bikes will take up lesser space. Usually, there is no dedicated parking space in commercial areas. A foldable model will easily fit anywhere you like.

If your commute is door to door or you don’t need to save your space, try using an e-bike with one-piece frame. The integrated e-bikes have a better bearing capacity, but are slightly heavier as compared to foldable commuter electric bikes.

3. Smaller to Medium Wheels

The foldable e-bikes are small in size and may have smaller wheels. When you choose such a bike it will be suitable for commuting in a heavy traffic area. You can maneuver through the busy streets and move swiftly even in crowded areas. Smaller wheels will help you pedal more frequently. However, it may not seem like a big deal for short commutes that are 20-30 minutes long.

An adult e-bike will have small wheels that range from 20 to 24 inches. If you are into those commutes where streets are less busy, it is better to consider a medium-sized bike. It will feature medium-sized wheels and offer convenience for users. A medium-sized bike offers maneuverability and helps you cover more distance without much effort.

4. Detachable Battery To Recharge

Detachable Battery To Recharge 

You can choose a high-capacity commuting e-bike if you consider some important factors in mind. Although it may not seem like a critical feature having a detachable battery is a good choice. It gives a lot of power to the battery whenever you need it. What will you do if you have not charged your battery and have to go for a commute?

If there is enough power in the battery it can go on without a charge throughout the day. When you have the option to detach and recharge your battery at any destination, it will be useful. Having a detachable battery happens to a good security measure in many ways.

Batteries are usually one of the most expensive parts of an e-bike. If your battery is detachable you can take it with you easily. Even if you leave your e-bike in a public parking area for many hours, there are no chances of theft. Most modern e-bikes usually feature a detachable battery.

5. Rear or Front Basket

Many times you have to carry an extra load with you. It can be either your office briefcase, gym bag, or grocery. When you are moving back home in the evening carrying your precious belongings can be challenging.

You can choose an electric bike that features a rear or front basket. It is spacious enough to keep your products safe inside. If you like to go for long rides choosing a commuter e-bike with 20Ah battery seems to be a suitable option.

If this isn’t enough you can install a rear rack as an accessory to get the best of everything. Another good option to carry the extra load is to have a backpack. It can easily fit in a laptop, your office papers, and much more. Additionally, you can install mudguards, chain guards, and disk brakes for your safety.


Commuting on an electric bike can give you the best experience. As you are using the power to ride the bike and move forward everything seems easy. If you are looking for a commuter electric bike you need to keep the above factors in mind. Choosing the right e-bike model can be challenging. However, you can check out the collection at Addmotor as they offer some of the best products. Spend a few moments to think about your needs and choose the perfect bike for commuting!


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