The Importance of Checking A Used Car’s Service Records

A book with every vehicle includes a detailed account of the vehicle’s service history. Every time a car is serviced, the servicer should stamp the entry in the book to show that the service is done. Along with the car’s mileage, the book will also note any necessary repairs.

Some vehicles include a full-service history (FSH), which gives a more detailed account of a car’s maintenance and any repairs made.

One of the pieces of advice you will hear the most frequently if you are

thinking about buying used cars or second-hand cars for sale is to look for one with a documented service history, also recognised as service records or repair receipts. 

Service Records

Why Is The Service History Of A Used Vehicle So Crucial?

You run the risk of purchasing a used car that has not been inspected in a while if you do not have a record of service history. You will have no idea when the battery and brakes were inspected when the oil was changed, and when the tires were rotated.

A fantastic alternative to buying a new car is to buy a used one. Second-hand cars have a wide range of options, and they are very affordable. A used car’s previous owners, repairs, and mileage history are included. You should be aware of this history. Without knowing a vehicle’s history, you might face unwelcome problems in the future.

For instance, the timing belt in the engines of many cars needs to be replaced roughly every 100,000 miles. Without a service history, you will not know if this belt was replaced, and if you continue to drive with a worn belt, it could break and seriously harm the engine, costing you a lot of money in repairs.

Additionally, a complete service history demonstrates that the previous owner of the automobile was organised and cared for the vehicle. While it is not a guarantee that the car is in excellent condition, it is unquestionably a positive sign.

Buyers will almost always favour a vehicle with a service history over one without a service history. There is no denying that. All buyers desire reassurance and as much information about a vehicle as possible. It is still possible to purchase a used car without knowing its history, but you must look into its general condition more carefully. When buying a used car, service history is only one factor to take into account, and regardless of the history, it is advised to do a thorough inspection.

Why Are You Checking A Used Car’s Service History? 

  • The Service History Shows That The Car Has Been Maintained

A service will attempt to prevent problems before they start. The goal of the service is to maintain the vehicle’s health and condition. If you do not know a car’s history, you are unaware of any potential issues that could end up costing an arm and a leg in the future.

  • You Can Tell The Seller Has A Good Reputation

 You can tell the buyer is trustworthy if they keep their car in good condition and keep up with its maintenance schedule. They also understand the value of keeping records up to date. 

  • By Keeping The Car’s Records Up to Date, You Are Raising Its Value

If you keep track of your vehicle’s service history, buyers will not have any justification to demand a price reduction when you decide to resell the car.

  • The Service Records of A Car Contain Every Last Bit of Vehicle Data

Do not rely on other people to provide you with information. Assume responsibility and research the precise car details and service history.

  • Bargaining Price Is Easy

Once you know of the defective parts, you can bargain with the seller for a higher selling price. You can limit the number of negotiation discussions by pointing out the problematic areas.

Tips For Inspecting A Vehicle’s Service History

  1. Contacting The Owner

By reaching out to the owner of the vehicle, the servicing facility, or just going online, you can quickly check the service history.

  1. Proprietor Service Log

Every time a car is serviced, the work is recorded and supported by receipts and a service book manual. Here is where you can evaluate the seller’s credibility. A trustworthy seller would provide all the information upfront and help you determine the car’s condition.

  1. Records For Dealers

You can find out where the car was serviced if the owner is uncooperative and finds excuses about the service records. The service centre keeps a database of each vehicle that visits its facility.

  1. Check Online For Car Service History

With the numerous technological advancements today, it is possible to view the car service history online for free. A comprehensive directory of vehicle service records can be found on many online automotive e-commerce portals. You can complete this task online from the comfort of your home and receive all the information quickly.

There are times when you see people complaining about a defective car they purchased or being unsatisfied with their purchase. You do not have to put up with this after purchasing a car. So that you can make an informed choice, be sure to consult the vehicle service history.


Buyers can put their minds at ease by obtaining a Vehicle History Report, which contains all the information they require about a vehicle. When you check your car’s service history, you can learn about the history of insurance, loans, service logs, accident claims, and other important information. You can check the service history of your car, bike, or scooter.

A machine experiences wear and tear, which lowers a car’s resale value. You have given the car and all of its parts a fair evaluation. With a service record, you can pay the exact value of a car rather than relying on recommendations and paying more than the car is worth.

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