Toyota Land Cruiser Price In Pakistan, Review & Specs 2023


Toyota Land Cruiser Overview

The Toyota Land Cruiser is produced by Toyota Japan. Because it has the largest inventory of Japanese new and used cars on the market. Toyota Land Cruiser price has raised in Pakistan. Most consumers in Pakistan buy luxury cars, bicycles, and the land cruiser Prado directly from Japan at lower profits and cheaper prices. Compared to the previous generation model, this car has improved a lot in performance. It is equipped with a new gearbox and a cleaner and more economical chain drive. The 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser offers three variants: VX 4.6, GX-R, and VX 4.5D.


  • LAND CRUISER GX M/T ( 4.5L Diesel)

         PKR. 38,900,000/-

  • LAND CRUISER VX A/T (4.5L Diesel)

PKR. 46,500,000/-

  • LAND CRUISER VX A/T (4.6L Gasoline)

PKR. 48,000,000/-

The above three models are provided by Toyota in Pakistan. Those who are interested can check the Toyota Land Cruiser Price In Pakistan here and buy according to their situation.

Toyota Land Cruiser Exterior

The Exterior of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series is much softer than that of the previous generation Land Cruiser. The front panel has another outstanding grille, three straight chrome bars, and two small chrome bars connected to the new Smart Line, as well as optical headlights at the rear and front. Compared to previous generations, the SUV’s hood now has double bumpers, the front bumper and body are tighter, and the headlights and fog lights are smaller. The rear new and smaller rear bumper, and chrome-plated parts are also engraved with the Land Cruiser logo, and the taillight design taillight tube passes through the rear LED tube. In every shape, there is a surface of a similar design on every side. The 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser is a Heritage Edition.

Toyota Land Cruiser


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

Land Cruiser interior of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series is similar to a classic 7-seater structure with three lines of seats. Land Cruiser seats come conventional with black or gray materials. The GX-R’s official feature package includes seven airbags, vehicle security and functional traction control, a 12-volt accessory connector, a 4.2-inch multi-information display, power windows, and heated front seats.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 total interior space is very spacious in three rows, for its exterior-facing SUV. It also offers a lot of conveniences and internal refinement. The Higher end Land Cruiser has many functions, such as a parking sensor, a 9-inch multi-information screen, a satellite navigation system, a wireless smartphone charger, a wireless speaker, and a 10-inch rear-seat entertainment system with an electric heater. Rearview mirrors, and more. Rotating display, floating electric steering column, three memory positions.


  • Engine

The 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser for sale comes with a choice of 2 engines

4.5 Litre 32 Valve Twin Turbo V8 Diesel 

5.7 Litre 32 Valve Dual VVT-I V8


  • Gearbox

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Toyota Land Cruiser Specifications

  • 4.5 Litre 32 Valve Twin Turbo V8 Diesel 301bhp_@_5600 RPM, 330 lb-ft of torque_@_3600RPM
  • 5.7 Litre 32 Valve Dual VVT-I V8 381bhp_@_5600RPM, 401 lb-ft of torque_@_3600RPM

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